Timothy Mowry is a U.S. military veteran and retired first sergeant. He was born in Miami, Florida. At the moment, he is enjoying retirement life while his kids have done great with their acting careers.

Darlene Mowry is a former drill sergeant in the United States Army. She was born to the Afro-Bahamian Flowers family On October 25, 1956. Darlene is a very hard-working person.

In addition, Timothy and Darlene are formerly married couples. You will quickly gain popularity and media attention if you are related to a famous family. In the context of the Mowry couple, this is true.

Both the Mowry doesn’t seem to be active on the Instagram platform or any other social media handle. They seem to have no interest in this world of digital platforms and stay away from social platforms.

Furthermore, they are becoming well-known for their role as a celebrity parent. Both are the parents of three successful Hollywood entertainers, Tahj Mowry, Tamera Mowry, and Tia Mowry.

Married life of the Former Mowry Couples

The former Mowry couple studied in the same High School in Miami, Florida. At the same high school time, they fell in love. Soon after graduation, both of them joined the U.S. Army together. 

Joining the U.S. Army together, both reached the rank of Seargent. After years of togetherness, Darlene and Timothy John decided to take their relationship to the next level, from love to marriage.

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They tied their marriage knot in 1975. At the time of the wedding, Darlene was 19 years old. Further, the couple started their romantic journey but having different races, Timothy and Darlene also faced criticism.

Darlene and Timothy gave birth to four adorable kids from their marriage relationship. Likewise, they had perfect family time. The former couple were parenting their kids in a proper and disciplined way.

Happiness is meant to be short-lived. The same things happened to the Mowry couple, whose relationship did not last long and the reason behind their separation is still unclear.

Moreover, It is still unknown whether Timothy Mowry and Darlene Mowry are sharing a relationship with someone. They haven’t made the official about their relationship, and both are single at the moment.

Timothy and Darlene got divorced in 2015 following a four-decade-long marital relationship.

Children of the Former Mowry Couple

For the first time, The former couple gave birth to twin daughters, Tamera Mowry and Tia Mowry, on July 6, 1978. The parents were too much happy as double children blessed them.

The children’s happiness again returned to their life as they gave birth to their third child, a son, Tahj Mowry. Likewise, the duo welcomed their fourth kid, Tavior Mowry, on July 5 1993.

Furthermore, All four children chose a career in acting line. And now, with their hard work and dedication, all four kids have successfully gained popularity and money through their acting profession.

In addition, The couple’s twins, daughters Tia and Tamera, are better known for starring in ‘Sister, Sister,’ a television sitcom. Similarly, the Mowry sisters have also worked together in the Disney Channel’s Twitches.

Both daughters are famous American actresses who have gained popularity and financial income. Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry have a net worth of $8 million as of 2022.

Likewise, Tahj Mowry is also more known for his role in Full House, playing Michelle’s best friend Teddy, and Taviour Mowry is known for his dedication and success in his musical career and acting.

Thus, Timothy and Darlene Mowry have also been in the spotlight due to their flourishing children.

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