Hey there, have you heard about Tomeka Thiam? She’s the amazing woman who stole the heart of the music sensation Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam aka Akon! You know, the guy who brought us those awesome hits like “Lonely,” “Smack That,” and “Hold My Hand.”

Tomeka might not be in the spotlight like her famous husband, but she’s the superstar behind the scenes. She’s the secret ingredient in Akon’s success, but we don’t know much about their love story, wedding, or family life. Everyone’s dying to know more about this mystery lady who’s married to a music legend.

Join us as we dig into the fascinating world of Tomeka Thiam, the celebrity wife who’s rocking life behind the scenes!

How Old Is Tomeka Thiam? Age, Wiki, Early Life, Education

Tomeka Thiam was born in 1975 in the USA. As of 2023, she is 48 years old, just two years junior to her husband, the renowned singer Akon, who hails from St. Louis, Missouri, born on April 16, 1973.

Identified as having African nationality and being of an All-American ethnicity, Tomeka embodies a rich cultural blend that reflects the diverse tapestry of America.

In the realm of education, Tomeka has maintained a veil of privacy, choosing not to disclose her academic journey to the media. On the other hand, Akon’s alma mater is Clark Atlanta University, where he completed his education.

Parents and Siblings

Tomeka Thiam’s family members! Her mother is Kine F Thiam. However, the details about her father remain undisclosed, keeping that part of her family background out of the public eye.

Tomeka Thiam's father with her daughters.
Tomeka Thiam’s father with her daughters. Source: Instagram/@mekas.world

In addition to her mother, Tomeka has a younger sister named Nikia Bruce-Abdullah, who appears to be close to her in age. This sisterly bond possibly adds another layer of support and companionship to Tomeka’s life.

Further insights into her family network include an aunt named Lavish Quinones Miller, as well as two other family members, Alice Peterson and Willie Survive, whom Tomeka has acknowledged on her social media.

How Did Akon Meet His Wife? A Look Into Their Marriage Details

Tomeka and Akon’s love story started back in 1993 when she was 18 and he was 20. They first crossed paths at a lively party, introduced by Akon’s brother.

It all unfolded at a friend’s place in Georgia, where Tomeka noticed Akon’s intense gaze fixed on her. Attempting to play it cool, she returned the stare, only to find a captivating connection when their eyes locked.

Recounting the tale to her Instagram followers, Tomeka humorously shared

“He put that West African spell on me. Been trying to get that spell off since then!”

Despite this enchanting beginning, the couple has chosen to keep the specifics of their wedding and personal life under wraps, both Tomeka and Akon valuing their privacy. Their love story, veiled in mystery, has spanned three decades, standing as a testament to their enduring bond.

Their relationship has flourished over the years, showing no signs of faltering, solidifying their enduring commitment to each other.

How Many Kids Do Akon and Tomeka Thiam Have?

Tomeka Thiam and her long-time partner, Akon, share the joy of parenthood with four children—two sons and two daughters, a testament to their enduring family bond.

Their journey as parents began when Tomeka welcomed their first son, Alioune, in 1996 at the age of 21. Their family continued to grow with the arrival of their second son, Jhavor, in 2001.

Akon with his two daughters.
Akon with his two daughters. Source: Instagram/@mekas.world

Expanding their family further, Tomeka became the proud mother of a baby girl named Journey in 2006. Remarkably, their fourth child, another daughter named Alianna, joined the family just a year later in 2007. Though the birth dates are close, these siblings form a tight-knit family unit.

The Thiam family calls Los Angeles, California, their home. The kids, who have now matured, are progressing through various stages of education, with most having completed college or high school.

Akon Has Three Kids With Other Woman

Akon, Tomeka’s husband, also shares parenthood with two other women. He has three additional children—two with Rozina Negusei and one whose identity remains undisclosed, shrouded in secrecy, much like other aspects of Akon and Tomeka’s private life.

Despite these additional familial connections, Tomeka and Akon continue to nurture their own family, fostering a strong and close-knit unit in their Los Angeles residence.

How Many Wives Does Akon Have?

Akon has been open about his beliefs in polygamy and has mentioned it in various interviews. He acknowledged his polygamous beliefs and his family’s cultural background, mentioning that his father has multiple wives.

In some interviews, he expressed his perspective that men are naturally inclined toward having multiple partners, citing it as a cultural aspect as well. However, he hasn’t disclosed the identities of any additional wives he might have beyond Tomeka Thiam, his legal wife.

Akon and his wife Tomeka Thiam.
Akon and his wife Tomeka Thiam. Source: Instagram

He has indicated that he doesn’t expect monogamy in his relationships but also mentioned that his partners understand and accept his beliefs.

These discussions have led to speculation about Akon having multiple wives or engagements beyond Tomeka, However, as of the available public information, specific details or identities of these alleged partners remain unclear.

Career: What Does She Do For a Living?

Tomeka Thiam, widely recognized as the wife of the acclaimed musician Akon, has also carved her path in the professional world. While her precise career remains undisclosed, she is known to be associated with hairstyling, reportedly owning a hair salon in Atlanta.

However, specific details about her professional endeavors beyond this domain remain a mystery.

Akon’s journey in the music industry began with the release of his debut album, “Trouble,” in 2004. The album spawned several hit tracks such as “Locked Up,” “Bananza (Belly Dance),” “Ghetto,” and “Lonely,” catapulting Akon into global stardom.

Following the success of his debut, Akon established his own labels, “Kon Live Distribution” and “Konvict Muzic,” and released his second album, “Konvicted,” in November 2006, further cementing his place in the music scene.

Continuing his musical prowess, Akon released his third album, “Freedom,” in 2008, featuring hit singles like “Right Now – Na Na Na,” “I’m So Paid,” “Beautiful,” and “We Don’t Care,” earning platinum certification in the US.

His collaborations with renowned artists like Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, and Gwen Stefani, mother of Apollo Bowie Flynn along with co-writing Lady Gaga‘s breakout song “Just Dance.”

Other Business Ventures of Akon

Akon’s success extends beyond music into the realms of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Apart from owning prominent clothing brands such as Aliaune and Konvict, he has diversified into real estate ventures and established the Konfidence Foundation.

This foundation primarily focuses on empowering disadvantaged youth in the United States and Africa, reflecting Akon’s commitment to philanthropy and social impact alongside his thriving career in music and business.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Tomeka Thiam?

Tomeka Thiam’s involvement in the hair and beauty salon in Atlanta, Georgia, has contributed to her estimated net worth of $500,000. This illustrates her initiative and success in her personal business pursuits.

Is Akon a Millionaire? Akon, her husband, has garnered considerable wealth through his multifaceted career in music, entrepreneurship, and various business ventures. With a net worth of $40 million, Akon’s financial success is substantial.

His impressive earnings, particularly accumulating $53 million pretax within three years leading up to 2016.

Is She Active on Instagram?

Tomeka Thiam is indeed active on Instagram with a verified account, @mekas.world. She has amassed a following of around 6,282 followers as of 2023. Unlike Daniella Liben Thiam maintains an active presence on Instagram.

It’s nice to see her engaging with her audience on social media, sharing her experiences or possibly glimpses into her life alongside her husband, Akon.

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