Once upon a time, in the world of touchdowns and romance, Wanda Hutchins stole the spotlight as the ex-wife of NFL legend Michael Strahan. Their love story, starting in 1992 and ending in 1996, brought two awesome kids.

While the media’s eyes focused on the gridiron hero, Wanda embraced a low-key life post-divorce. Behind the scenes, she’s the unsung hero, weaving the tale of a mom fiercely dedicated to her children.

Join us as we peek into the high school yearbook of Wanda Hutchins, a woman whose story transcends touchdowns and tackles, proving that every family playbook has unique chapters.

How Old Is Wanda Hutchins? Age, Parents, Wiki, Early Life

Wanda was born on June 6, 1973, in Germany, under the sign of Cancer. She is the daughter of Renate Hutchins. Unfortunately, specific details about her mother and siblings are not publicly known.

Wanda Hutchins is the first wife of Michael Strahan.
Wanda Hutchins is the first wife of Michael Strahan. Source: Instagram/@wandafulhomedesigns

The surname “Hutchins” has Polish roots, meaning “Vandal tribe,” and the name Wends is believed to have originated from a tribal name.

Wanda completed her high school education in 1991 and later pursued higher education, graduating as an architect and interior designer.

Marriage and Children With Her Ex-Husband Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan, the football dude we all know and love, wasn’t always rocking the NFL scene. Back in high school at Mannheim Christian Academy in Germany, he met his crush, Wanda Hutchins.

Now, here’s the wild part: Michael was all over the place, from Germany to Texas, chasing his football dreams. But guess what? Love knows no distance.

Wanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan with their son.
Wanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan with their son. Source: Instagram/@wandafulhomedesigns

At just 20, Wanda and Michael had their first kiddo, Tanita. Shortly after, they got hitched in 1992. Then, the NFL draft in 1993, and bam, Michael Anthony Strahan Jr. joined the squad.

Fast forward, Tanita and Michael Jr. are all grown up, making their folks super proud. So, grab your pom-poms, ’cause we’re diving into the high school love story of Michael and Wanda!

Why Did They Got Divorce?

Wanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan ended their four-year marriage on good terms. In his book, “Wake Up Happy,” Strahan emphasized their commitment to remaining a family even after divorce.

Following their split, Wanda moved to Germany with their kids, Tanita and Michael Jr. Likewise, Strahan continued to play an active role in their lives, flying back and forth.

In 2016, Strahan addressed stereotypes about parenting after divorce, stressing his ongoing involvement. Though their separation stayed low-key, details emerged during Strahan’s second divorce proceedings with Jean Muggli.

Wanda clarified she received $2,500 monthly child support and lived in a Texas house worth $163,000, portraying a cooperative co-parenting dynamic. In contrast, Muggli sought a $14 million settlement and a mansion in New Jersey.

Despite legal complexities, Wanda and Michael prioritized family and respect in their post-marital relationship.

Did Wanda Hutchin Remarry? Who Is Her Current Partner?

Following the split between Wanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan, Wanda gave birth to Dorian Hutchins. It’s a fact that sometimes leads to confusion about his parentage. There is not much information on Dorian’s biological father.

Moreover, Wanda has chosen to keep details about her relationships private since the 1996 split. She has not made public who is her new husband.

Wanda Hutchins’ two sons. Source: Instagram/@wandafulhomedesigns

In his book, Michael Strahan expressed the significance of treating and caring for Dorian as if he were his own son.

While Michael Strahan went on to have two daughters, Sophia and Isabella, with his second wife Jean Muggli, the relationship didn’t last. Regardless of the challenges in his personal life, Strahan remains devoted to all his children.

Career: What Does She Do For a Living?

Wanda Hutchins has established herself as a resourceful interior designer in her company, ‘Wandaful Home Designs.’ Specializing in the creation of unique wooden furniture and home decor items, Wanda’s business stands out for its ability to repurpose existing materials into stunning pieces.

Coffee table designed by Wanda Hutchins.
Coffee table designed by Wanda Hutchins. Source: Instagram/@wandafulhomedesigns

Similarly, the first wife of Michael previously held the positions of Vice President and Executive Director at Strahan Global Outreach in 2012. Wanda has since shifted her focus exclusively to her online business.

Through ‘Wonderful Home Designs,’ she continues to impress clients with her lavish and distinctive products, reflecting her passion for crafting beautiful and innovative interior pieces.

What Is She Doing Now?

Wanda Hutchins is kinda keeping it chill these days. Her Instagram vibe is all about cats, not really into the selfie game. Living the low-key life, you know? But guess what? She’s totally slaying it with her gig, Wandaful Home Designs.

Like, she’s the queen of turning old furniture into cool new stuff. And get this, she’s always open for orders! Her crafty game is on point, and it looks like she’s nailing it with every piece.

Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Wanda Hutchins, the designer, has earned around $2 million so far from her cool interior design work. Her net worth may also include a bit from her divorce settlement with her ex, Michael Strahan.

On the other hand, Michael Strahan, the retired football player turned TV guy, has a massive net worth of $65 million. He made a bunch of money playing for the New York Giants for 14 seasons and now does sports analysis on “Fox NFL Sunday” and co-hosts “Good Morning America” alongsode Lara Spencer.

His yearly salary is a whopping $17 million. They’re both doing pretty well for themselves!

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