Meet Doheen Pratt, a name you might not recognize amid the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but one that carries a unique connection to the limelight. As the brother of the renowned actress Kyla Pratt, Doheen resides in the fascinating periphery of stardom.

Kyla takes center stage with roles in “One on One,” “Recovery Road,” and “Love & Basketball.” On the other hand, her brother Doheen’s story unfolds in the background. In this article, we’ll embark on a journey to uncover the lesser-known side of this American personality.

Join us as we lift the curtain on Doheen Pratt’s story, a glimpse into the intriguing dynamics of Hollywood siblings.

Doheen Pratt Wiki/Bio: Age, Early Life

Doheen Pratt entered this world on June 14, 1990, in the heart of the United States, marking his roots as a proud American. With the lively spirit of a Gemini, he began his journey in Los Angeles, California, a city known for its glitz and glamour.

Growing up in the bustling entertainment hub, Doheen shared his childhood with his siblings, including the well-known actress Kyla Pratt. Los Angeles witnessed the blossoming years of this American lad, who was fortunate to be surrounded by love and care from his parents.

In the embrace of a supportive family, Doheen navigated the landscape of dreams, with the City of Angels as his backdrop.

Siblings and Parents

Doheen Pratt was born to the duo of Johnny McCullar and Kecia Pratt McCullar. His father, Johnny, wears multiple hats as a semi-pro basketball player and a stockbroker trainee. Kecia, his mother, dedicated her time to education, serving as a teacher at a school.

Doheen Pratt with his brother Allen Pratt.
Doheen Pratt with his brother Allen Pratt. Source: Instagram/@doheenpratt

Pratt isn’t flying solo in this adventure called life – he’s got a rad crew of siblings. Meet his awesome sisters, Kyla Pratt and Kejahn Pratt, and his cool brother, Allen Pratt. These guys don’t just share genes; they’re like a squad with an unbreakable bond.

The Pratt siblings are like a tight crew in a teen movie, making the highs better and the lows a bit easier. Here’s to the Pratt family and their epic journey together!

Sister, Kyla Pratt

Kyla Pratt, the dazzling star in the Pratt family, kicked off her acting journey at a mere eight years old, diving headfirst into the movie industry. With roles in projects like “Where I Live” and “The Baby-Sitters Club,” Kyla showcased her talent early on.

However, it was her voice that echoed across screens, capturing hearts as Penny Proud in the Disney animation “The Proud Family” in 2001. Fast forward to the present, and Kyla’s still part of the Proud family magic, lending her voice to the recent installment, “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.”

This Hollywood gem has garnered a massive fan base throughout her illustrious career. With her star power soaring, Kyla Pratt recently graced the announcement of a new television series, “Patty’s Auto,” leaving fans eagerly anticipating her next on-screen venture.

Who is Kyla Pratt’s Husband?

Kyla Pratt’s love tale is like a fairy tale with Danny Kilpatrick, the hip-hop artist and tattoo whiz from “Doggmen” and “Morbid: A Love Story.” They’ve been rocking together since 2005 and decided to level up in 2011 when they got engaged.

But guess what? They took their sweet time before saying “I do” in 2022.

Kyla Pratt's husband and their kids.
Kyla Pratt’s husband and their kids. Source: Instagram/@kylapratt

The love squad grew with Lyric Kai Kilpatrick landing on the scene on November 17, 2010, and Liyah Kilpatrick bringing more joy on August 5, 2013. In an interview, Kyla spilled some tea, saying, “Marriage is a lot of pressure…I don’t want to rush into a marriage,” highlighting her commitment to making things perfect for her little ones before diving into the wedding aisle.

Talk about love, patience, and doing things at your own pace!

Kyla’s Brother Doheen Pratt Has Been To Prison

Doheen Pratt, Kyla’s brother shot Nicole Williamson in a drive-by when he was just thirteen. Like, whoa, right? He did it to impress a local gang. Nicole didn’t make it, and she was killed just in front of her parents.

Likewise, Doheen got sent to juvie ’cause he was under eighteen. He spent ten years in prison. Later, he got out when he was twenty-two in December 2003.

Kyla Pratt with her brother Doheen Pratt at Red Carpet.
Kyla Pratt with her brother Doheen Pratt at Red Carpet. Source: Instagram/@kylapratt

Doheen turned things around in there, like, good behavior vibes. Now he’s this mature guy. Kyla, his big sis, even dropped a pic on her Instagram for his 30th b-day, calling him the “genuine one.”

Is He Dating Anyone? Who Is His Partner?

Since Doheen’s release from prison after eight years, there’s been no scoop on his dating scene or any romantic entanglements. It’s like he’s keeping his cards close to his chest, maybe zeroing in on future goals or taking it slow in the relationship department.

Could he be cooking up a secret love affair or just playing it cool and keeping things hush-hush? The gossip mill is kinda silent on this one. Stay tuned for the juicy deets, though! We’ll spill the tea as soon as there’s any scoop on Doheen’s relationship and personal life.

Oh, and if you’re curious about what’s going on with Emmy DeOliveira, Carlacia Grant, or Eddy Quintela, we got you covered too!

Net Worth: So How Rich Is He?

Doheen Pratt’s net worth remains under wraps, and he hasn’t spilled the beans on his professional life or income on social media or in public.

On the other hand, his sister, Kyla, is rolling in with a net worth of $3 million, stacking those dollars from her acting career. Oh, and did I mention she’s cruising around in a Mercedes Benz? That luxury ride can set you back anywhere from $56 thousand to $68 thousand.

Physical Appearance: Height and Weight

Doheen Pratt’s height and weight remain a mystery, but he’s rocking gorgeous vibes with brown eyes, black hair, and a dark brown skin tone.

Physically fit and looking fine, this guy keeps the details under wraps. We’ll keep you posted if he decides to spill the beans on his body measurements.

Now, onto the big sis, Kyla, standing tall at 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) and tipping the scales at 55 kg (121 lbs). With a fab body boasting measurements of 34-25-35 (B-W-H), Kyla’s got the stunning combo of black eyes and black hair. Beauty runs in the Pratt family, it seems!

Social Media Presence

Doheen Pratt keeps it low-key on the social media front. You can catch a glimpse of him on Instagram with the handle @doheenpratt, where he’s got about 6K followers. But hold up – it’s not exactly a buzzing feed because he’s dropped only three posts.

Now, onto his sister Kyla, who’s rocking a solid 2.2 million followers on Instagram as @kylapratt. This lady’s not just sharing pics; she’s making bank with influencer vibes.

According to the influencer marketing hub, Kyla’s pulling in between $4,145.25 to $6,908.75 per post.

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