The role of Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller, is a fictional character who appears in the American television series Prison Break as one of the two main characters. The character initially debuted in the premiere episode of the show.

The late R&B artist Aaliyah and filmmaker Rashad Haughton were his children. Michael Haughton is a well-known member of the Haughton family. He was born in the United States on January 10, 1951. Michael is a famous and popular celebrity who is notable for being a family member.

What exactly is Michael Scofield’s illness?

Michael has been suffering from low latent inhibition, which causes his brain to be more sensitive to receiving impulses from the environment. He cannot shut out outer information due to this disorder. Instead analyses every element and complexity of every given stimulus.

However, Michael Scofield showed fate to be in jeopardy in Prison Break season 4. But his illness revealed that he was dying. He gets nosebleeds and terrible headaches, but Michael initially kept his failing health a secret from Lincoln and Sara, but they finally found out.

He brought up Michael’s adolescence and their mother’s health concerns, disclosing that their mother had experienced similar challenges before dying of an aneurysm at the age of 31. Michael, who is now the same age as his mother when she died, is admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with hypothalamic hamartoma, a brain tumor that necessitates immediate surgery.

On the other hand, he refuses to get the procedure since he is too preoccupied with the Prison Break adversary, The Company, and the conspiracy he, Lincoln, and Sara are investigating.

Michael’s Sacrifice In The Ultimate Break

Michael Scofield dies solely in The Final Break, a TV movie exceptional that wraps up Prison Break seasons 1-4. (allegedly). Sara is the one who ends up in prison in The Final Break, having been imprisoned on her wedding day for a murder she committed to save Michael.

Once again, Michael Scofield must devise a strategy to free someone he cares about from prison. Michael’s plan involves breaking inside the jail and taking Sara to escape through underground tunnels. However, at the end of the tunnel, a closed door traps them both within.

This incident is what kills Michael and puts an end to his Prison Break adventure. Michael admits that he was aware of the possibility and could unlock the door by causing a power spike to disable the mechanism. However, the shock will electrocute and kill him, so it isn’t a perfect solution.

Michael assures Sara in a tearful goodbye that he will always be with her in their kid. And then he connects two wires, which opens the door and sends a shower of sparks down. The message informs Sara and Lincoln that Michael would have died anyhow since The Company did not cure him, only postponed his death for a short time.

He expressed no remorse and stated that they were now all free.

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