Katriona Perrett is a regular woman as well as a former celebrity girlfriend. She rose to popularity after having a long-time satisfying love life with her handsome celebrity boyfriend, Ben Hardy, a British actor.

Hardy is an English actor popular for his role as Peter Beale in the BBC serial opera EastEnders. He made his feature debut as Archangel in the superhero picture X-Men: Apocalypse. He also played Roger Taylor.

Perrett and Hardy Love Life Highlights

Ben Hardy met and dated Katriona Perrett before he rose to fame. They had a wonderful loving time together for several years. However, according to rumors of their datings, he first met Katriona in 2010.

More than that, The lovely couple were together for almost eight years, dating each other. Though Hardy was not in popular as today, their love life has no more information in the spotlight and on the Internet.

Ben was most recognized for his role in the British soap opera EastEnders at the start of his career. So, it failed to capture the interest of audiences. His life changed when he played Angel in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Perrett also has a few acting credits; however, she no longer works in the entertainment industry. Nonetheless, Ben was with her for several years before he became renowned. They had a good time.

The attractive couple was in love with one another. Hardy even took Perrett to a few red carpet events, including the premiere of X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016. They have traveled around the world together.

Ben has never talked publicly about Katriona and continues to avoid queries about his romantic life. Also, The couple lasted until at least 2018, when they ceased publishing images of themselves together.

The beautiful couple shared a Beagle named Frankie. After their divorce in 2018, they shared custody. Ben and her then-lover had a great time together. On the other hand, the cause behind their split is unknown.

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Ben’s Relationship Status After Katriona

Ben Hardy moved on after his breakup with Perrett and found his new beautiful, loving partner, Olivia Cooke. In addition, the adorable duo first met while filming the Irish dark comedy Pixile in late 2019.

Olivia Cooke is an English actress as well. She is best recognized for her role as Emma Decody in A&E’s drama-thriller, Bates Motel. Also, she played Becky Sharp in the period drama miniseries Vanity Fair.

The lovely couple swiftly got into a relationship in a short amount of time, although neither of them confirmed it in public. Cooke and her boyfriend lived a happy and healthy bond relationship dating.

BenHardy and Olivia Cooke got an unknown photo while walking on the street, holding their hands and spending time together.
Photo Source: Mirror Co Uk

On the other hand, the public already knows that Hardy and Cooke were surely involved. More than that, People have spotted them while walking, holding their hands in public areas. They are a lovely couple.

The charming duo, both celebrities, are very reserved about their personal lives and seek to keep their love and personal life a secret. On the other hand, the reporters appear ahead of the couple’s privacy.

Unfortunately, Olivia and her boyfriend could not stand their relationship for a long time. The London lockdown near the beginning of the global epidemic put an end to their loving and wonderful affair.

The Loving duo attempted to make things work, but their occupations took them on different paths. However, it’s safe to conclude that the tremendous shift in the world helped them rethink their objectives.

Olivia Cooke Career

Cooke began participating in activities such as ballet and gymnastics at an early age. Furthermore, she began acting at eight and used to appear in the Oldham Theatre Workshop, a drama theatre in her city.

Olivia began making advertisements at the age of 14 with the assistance of a local agent. Over that, she landed a notable role at the age of 17 when she played Maria in a school production of West Side Story.

She landed the main role in the Cinderella remake Prom: The Musical after spending a lot of time in the ensemble at Oldham Theatre Workshop. She then quit the theatre and began working in television.

Ben’s ex-girlfriend began working in the television industry at 18 in 2012. Blackout, a BBC miniseries, was her debut television production. She played Christopher Eccleston’s child in The Secret of Crickley Hall.

In 2015, Olivia Cooke lent her voice to the American animated comedy Axe Cop. Then, she appeared as the lead character in Vanity Fair in 2018. More than that, she has played Becky Sharp in the show.

The actress is a talented and hard-working woman. She has proved herself in the previous years with her great works. She has played perfect roles in several hit movies and made her name big in Hollywood.

Katriona’s Ex-Lover’s Current Relationship Timeline

Hardy’s film, The Voyeurs, is about romance, sex, and relationships, so the interviewers asked about his love life. Over that, he has been sighted on a date with an old mate, Jessica Plummer from EastEnders.

The couple’s off-screen affair was revealed when they were discovered kissing on the street. Jessica and Ben were getting intimate as they waited for a taxi outside Soho House after a date night in London.

Jessica Plummer has also appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. On the other hand, the pair never got to share the screen because Hardy exited his position in 2015. But, they are living a happy love life.

Ben Hardy and Jessica Plummer taking a selfie photo while having fun out and having their lunch in a random restaurant
Photo Source: Instagram @benhardy

When they were filming ‘The Girl Before,’ the wonderful pair got to know each other. In which the actress Plummer portrays Emma Matthews, Simon’s partner. Interestingly, Ben Hardy played the role of Simon.

Hardy and her girlfriend’s experience on the big screen enhanced their relationship in real life. The celebrity pair soon became romantically involved, which the public discovered in late December 2021.

While admirers have noted that they have been liking each other’s Instagram photos, the duo could be buddies. However, given their chemistry at the event, Ben may have found himself another girlfriend.

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