Tayshia Adams is an American television host. After participating in the S23 of The Bachelor and S6 of Bachelor in Paradise, she gained public attention. On September 4, 1990, she was born in Orange County.

Josh Borrell is a regular man and a former celebrity husband. Taking more about her ex-wife, Adams is a television personality famed for her Claire Crowley‘s replacement. Also, she is a hard-working woman.

Adams & Bourelle Love Life

Tayshia Adams is a regular California phlebotomist who had spent more than a decade with her first lover, including two years of their married life. They were together before their marriage of 2 years.

Adams and Josh Bourelle were together for almost six years before breaking up in late 2017. However, they lived a happy and peaceful married and loved life. They had fights and arguments, then broke up.

Tayshia Adams wearing bride dress and Zac Clark wearing groom's dress
Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark posing for a photo
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The next Bachelorette has been forthright about her divorce and how it has influenced her search for love. Moreover, she made it a way to openly discuss her and Bourelle’s breakup in the spotlight and media.

Adams stated that it was not difficult for her because Josh’s ex-wife had the same situation before in her love life. Nonetheless, she noted it’s just something she gained and learned from her mistakes.

Here’s all we know about Bourelle and their marriage. Nonetheless, Adams seeks to expand ties with her harem of lovers on public television. In addition, they had a wonderful time together with much love.

Adams’s Started New Relationship with Zac Clark

Adam and Clark first met on The Bachelorette on November 10, 2020. She hit it off with two men on her first group date. Also, she learned more about the date during the afterparty part of the moment.

The lovers’ first one-on-one date, which aired on December 1, 2020, seemed to hint at their upcoming engagement. Further, the pair had wedding photographs privately, with Clark’s different designs.

During the photography session, Adams donned bridesmaid dresses. Clark revealed everything about his drug history during the date, earning him a rose for his honesty. They made a good bond together.

Although the loving duo had a tough final date due to Adams’ anxieties about being married again, she eventually handed Clark the season’s last rose. She said yes to his proposal on December 22, 2020.

You mentioned this concept of someone picking you the other night when we were chatting.

Tayshia Adams wearing white one piece & Zac Clark wearing white shirt
Tayshia Adams & Zac Clark posing for a photo
Source: Pinterest

‘I can’t imagine another day, another moment without you in my life,” Zac said after going down on one knee. “if you don’t mind, I’ll select you right now. I will select you for the rest of my life because I adore you.”

Adams addressed the problem when the two began posting less on social media. Overall, In June 2021, she answered in an interview, “It’s hilarious because people actually have a life outside of social media.”

The host reconnected with her guy in New York City to run the 5th Avenue Mile event in September 2021 after S18 of The Bachelorette. Clark spoke to Us about keeping their relationship while Adams is abroad.

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