The 20-years-old William Bouchard is a celebrity member, better known as the younger sibling (brother) of the professional Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard. Not only from Eugenie, but William is also gathering famousness being a brother of the Instagram star Beatrice Bouchard

William Bouchard’s Love Life 

The celebrity brother, William, is not as secretive as another celebrity, but when questions arise regarding his intimate life, he is quite speechless about it. It is not exactly mentioned whether the Bouchard is dating someone or not. 

William Bouchard, along with his sisters and father
William Bouchard, along with his sisters and father.
Source: Instagram @willpbouchard

He has also not flaunted the romantic pictures with any girl. But it does not mean he did not spend his quality time with his lady friends. It seems like the Bouchard is currently living a single life and seems happy about it.

Likewise, the boy might be busy with his studies and prefers to keep himself far from any romantic relationship. Moreover, he spends his time with his family members and also shares many adorable pictures with them. 

Eugenie Bouchard’s Current Relationship Status 

The pro-tennis player Eugenie is currently dating her new boyfriend, Connor Davis, the brother of the American supermodel Hannah Jeter. Connor is an investment banker who publicized his dating with tennis players by sharing many adorable pictures.

Eugenie Bouchard and her boyfriend, Connor Davis
Eugenie Bouchard and her boyfriend, Connor Davis. 
Source: Splash News 

Once, they were spotted together on the local beach in Miami, where both enjoyed the swimming and were not hesitant to show off their affection. It seems like the pair is happy with their relationship and shares a good bond as a perfect couple.

Past Relationship Of Eugenie Bouchard

Before dating Connor, Eugenie was romantically involved with Canadian Ice hockey player Jordan Caron. The exact date when the pair began dating is still unknown, but they were blissfully sharing their romantic life.

Eugenie Bouchard, along with her ex-boyfriend, Jordan Caron
Eugenie Bouchard, along with her ex-boyfriend, Jordan Caron.
Source: Pinterest

They were also spotted several times in public places. The sports couple lived happily, but unfortunately, without revealing the exact date and reason behind their splits, they called off their relationship. 

Date Bet Of Eugenie Bouchard 

During the Super Bowl Game between Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots on February 5, 2017.

Bouchard tweeted confidently and positively, saying,

“I knew Atlanta would win btw.” Then on that tweet, the student of the University of Missouri, John Goehrke, replied, claiming, “if the Patriots will win, then you should go on a date with me.”

The tennis player, Eugenie, also replied, ‘Sure.’ Then she likewise came right on her word and went to New York to watch an NBA match along with John Goehrke. Both of them met happily and enjoyed watching the basketball game as well. 

John Goehrke and Eugenie Bouchard
John Goehrke and Eugenie Bouchard.
Source: Getty Images

Soon after the game was over, they took their dinner together and began clicking many adorable pictures.

Additionally, on their first met the 20-years-old, John gave her a small gift, and when the celebrity player, Bouchard, was asked about her first date with him, she thumbed up, saying,” he is normal, awesome and a gentleman”

Net Worth Of Eugenie Bouchard

The celebrity sibling, William Bouchard, is not yet involved in any professional works now, so he does not own any net worth at the moment. He is currently enjoying the net value of his celebrity sisters. His celebrity sister, Eugenie, has a total net worth of $6 million

Eugenie is a professional tennis player who earns an average remuneration of $300,000 per annum. Being a pro tennis player, she has won many tennis games and is also honored with many awards. 

Eugenie Bouchard wearing Pro Nike dress as a sport mod
Eugenie Bouchard wearing Pro Nike dress as a sport mod
Source: Instagram @geniebouchard

Once in the game, she was able to obtain the prize money of $6,285,070. Eugenie is also a sports model who has made her endorsement deals with many famous sports brands like Nike and many others. 

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