Get ready to meet Yemaya Briggs-Guzman, a rising figure in the entertainment world and the daughter of the esteemed Puerto Rican actor and producer, Luis Guzman. Born in 1994, Yemaya is no stranger to the limelight, with her father’s influential presence shaping her journey.

Likewise, Yemaya is a rising star in the fashion world. Besides being popular as a celebrity daughter, she is a plus-size model and social media influencer. With a promising future ahead, Yemaya is carving her own path in entertainment.

Join us as we delve into the intriguing story of Yemaya, a rising star who stands poised to make her mark in the world of entertainment.

Early Life: Age, Education, Family

 Yemaya Briggs-Guzman was born on January 24, 1994, in New York and spent her formative years in the United States of America. Coming from a prominent celebrity family, her upbringing was in the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Similarly, Yemaya studied Visual Communications at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in California.

Her father, Luis Guzmán, hails from Cayey, Puerto Rico, and is famous for his successful career as an actor. Yemaya’s mother, Angelita Galarza-Guzman, is popular for being the wife of this renowned actor, providing support and companionship throughout his journey.

Growing up in this vibrant and illustrious environment, Yemaya was undoubtedly influenced by the world of entertainment, setting the stage for her own unique path in the industry.

She has 2 Biological and Four Adopted Siblings

Yemaya Guzman has four siblings one of whom is in heaven, each with their own unique pursuits and talents. Her dad and mom are the parents to a total of 4 adopted children and 2 biological ones.

During the birth of their first son, Luis Guzman and his partner experienced a devastating loss as their son suffered asphyxiation and passed away. This tragedy left a deep scar on both Mr. and Mrs. Guzman. In light of the risks involved, they made the courageous decision to adopt instead of attempting another pregnancy.

Yemaya Briggs-Guzman with her father and brother.
Yemaya Briggs-Guzman with her father and brother. Source: Pinterest

Their journey of adoption began in 1991 when they welcomed their first adopted child, Cami, into their family. Cami is an actor, artist, and producer who frequently collaborates with their father under Dark Rabbit Productions.

Cami has acted in films such as “Hold On,” “Frankie,” and “Blowtorch,” and is also into social causes, serving as a spokesperson for NIMBY and volunteering at The Bowery Mission.

They later expanded their family further by adopting Clare, Yemaya’s older sister. Additionally, they adopted Briggs and his twin brother, Yoruba, bringing them into the Guzman household. Yemaya is also one of Guzman’s children, she is their biological child.

After years of trepidation, Mrs. Guzman eventually gave birth to their youngest child, Margarita, a beautiful baby girl. Margarita holds the distinction of being the youngest child in the Guzman family, born to Luis and his wife, Angelita.

Relationship Staus

While Yemaya Briggs Guzman’s professional life is often in the spotlight, she keeps her personal life relatively private. As of now, there is little information available about her romantic relationships or dating history.

However, it is evident that Yemaya embraces the joy of being single and is focusing on finding a partner who will bring her strength, hope, and happiness.

Her Father Is A Renowned Actor

Luis Guzman, Yemaya Briggis-Guzman’s father, is a highly renowned Puerto Rican actor who has achieved immense fame throughout his career. With nearly four decades of experience in the film and TV industry, Guzman has captivated the hearts of millions of people worldwide.

His acting prowess is truly remarkable. From the early days of his career, Guzman has appeared in both movies and TV shows, often sharing the screen with incredibly famous stars such as Tom Cruise and Jenna Ortega, daughter of Natalie Ortega.

Guzman’s roles in films like “Boogie Nights” and “Punch-Drunk Love,” both directed by Paul Anderson, continue to be highly revered. He has also left a lasting impression with his performances in movies such as “Out of Sight,” “The Limey,” and “Traffic.”

In addition to his film work, Guzman delivered a remarkable performance in the HBO prison drama series “OZ” and the Netflix series “Narcos.” More recently, he starred as Gomez Addams in the show “Wednesday,” a part of the iconic Addams Family saga.

As the daughter of such a famous father, Yemaya has had the opportunity to accompany him on the red carpet on special occasions. In 2013, she was seen attending the premiere of “We’re the Millers” in New York City alongside her dad, enjoying the perks of being part of a well-known celebrity family.

Net Worth

Yemaya Briggs-Guzman, with her successful career in modeling and her unwavering passion for her work, has achieved financial independence. As a result of her dedication and accomplishments, her current estimated net worth is approximately $500,000.

Through her endeavors in the fashion industry, Yemaya has not only showcased her talent but also established a solid financial foundation for herself. With her continued success and drive, it is likely that her net worth will continue to grow in the future.

What Does She Do For A Living?

Luis Guzman’s daughter Yemaya is a talented fashion stylist and brand image designer hailing from New York, New York, and currently based in Los Angeles, California.

With a degree in Visual Communications from the esteemed Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), Yemaya has established herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, specializing in costume design and shopping.

Luis Guzman's daughter is a fashion stylist and brand image designer.
Luis Guzman’s daughter is a fashion stylist and brand image designer. Source: Instagram/@yemayaguzman

As a social media ambassador, Yemaya has been actively involved in promoting brands and creating engaging content across various platforms since August 2019. Her freelance work as a customer, which she has been pursuing since November 2015, allows her to bring her creative vision to life through wardrobe and styling choices.

During her time as a student at FIDM from October 2012 to March 2014, Yemaya honed her skills as a visual communication design student. Additionally, she also worked as an assistant stylist for notable projects, including MTV’s “Teen Wolf” and Scene Magazine New Orleans, where she played a role in styling photo shoots and assisting in character appearances.

In addition to her online presence, Yemaya has made strides in the beauty industry. In 2018, she collaborated with the beauty brand Rude Cosmetics to release the Undaunted Blush Palette.

She Is A Member of OnlyFans

Yemaya Briggs-Guzman, known as Miss G on her Only Fans page, has garnered a significant following on the platform, with over 10,400 likes. Her page offers exclusive content to subscribers, with 100 posts that can only be accessed through a monthly subscription priced at $18.99.

Social Media Presence

The celebrity daughter is only active on Instagram. She has a verified Instagram account with the handle @yemayaguzman. She amassed over 364k followers on there.

Yemaya Guzman is the biological daughter of Luis Guzman.
Yemaya Briggis-Guzman is the biological daughter of Luis Guzman. Source: Instagram/@yemayaguzman

However, these days Yemaya is not much active there and has deleted almost most of her posts. Currently, she has only shared 4 posts.

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