Many people are famous for their successful professional achievements. However, some people become famous as soon as they are born into a celebrity family.

Like others, York Banks Asla, from the United States, is gaining much attention in the media as a famous son. He is popular for being the son of the iconic Model Tyra Banks and her former partner, Erik Asla.

He was born through a gestational surrogate and is currently enjoying a rich Life. His adorable charms are making a sensation on the internet.

He has risen in popularity among the general public because he is a celebrity kid.

Early Age of The Celebrity Kid

York Banks Asla was born on January 8, 2016. As a result, he is currently six years old. His zodiac sign is Capricorn, according to astrologers. Tyra Banks is his mother, and Erik Asla is his father.

His mother is from the U.S., while his father is from Norway. Asla’s ethnicity is thus American-Norwegian. Similarly, Asla has three sisters from his father’s previous relationship: Tatjana, Taylor, and Tatum Asla.

York Banks Asla with his mother, Tyra Banks
(Image source: The Sun)

His older sister works as a model as well. During an interview, Tyra, Asla’s Mother, said that her son has always been good with colors and counting to 20 since he was 18 months old.

From the age of two, he was fluent in three languages: Spanish, Norwegian, and English. As a result, he seemed to have a childhood that most likely supported him in obtaining the success he desired.

His parents have kept quiet about his educational history or the school he attends. However, based on his age, we may estimate he is in primary school.

He has quite a fantastic upbringing because his family values freedom.

Professional Career of The Celebrity Kid

Asla is a popular celebrity kid who is still too young to start his professional career. He will undoubtedly follow in his parent’s footsteps in the future.

Talking about his mother’s career, Tyra Banks is an Actress and former supermodel from the United States. She is popular for hosting ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ a long-running reality television show.

York’s Mother, Tyra Banks, Modeling Photo
(Image source: Models Naija)

She’s turned her supermodel status into a career in cinema, television, and music. And she’s on track to achieve her goals. Tyra began her modeling career while still in high school, at the age of 15.

Asla’s mother rose to fame as a supermodel and worked as a writer or producer in the film industry. The Model was tolerating frequent body-shaming by her elder brother and others.

She did not consider modeling a career until a classmate pushed her to see her true potential. Despite professional discouragement, she finally secured a high-profile modeling career.

She was the first black woman to appear on the covers of high-profile publications. After that, she engaged in writing and singing and acting. has labeled her a ‘Legendary Supermodel.’

The Model made her television debut in the fourth season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, with Will Smith. New York Undercover, Shoot Me!, MADtv, Felicity, and Soul Food were among her tv appearances.

York’s father, Erik Asla, is a Norwegian photographer. He has collaborated with several popular fashion designers whose work has featured in GQ, ELLE, Allure, and others.

Asla’s Parent’s Relationship Timeline

The Celebrity child is still too young to be in a relationship of any kind. He is single right now. Talking about his parent’s relationship timeline, Tyra and Erik dated from 2013 until 2017.

Tyra and Erik met for the first time in 2012 on the set of Norway’s Next Top Model. After their initial meeting, they formed a strong relationship, and Asla and Banks began dating in 2013.

The Celebrity son’s parents
(Image source: People)

Tyra, a TV personality, and Erik, a photographer, kept their relationship a secret for two years. In 2015, they formally announced that they were enjoying a romantic relationship.

The former couple welcomed their first son York through surrogacy in 2016 and began co-parenting him happily. Everything seemed to be going well until the pair split up in 2017 after dating for five years.

The Ex-couple are still on excellent terms and share joint custody of their child despite their separation.

Why Tyra and Erik didn’t get married?

Even though they were occasionally visible on one other’s Instagram, everything between Tyra and Erik seemed okay. Their fans believed the couple was getting married.

Unfortunately, their love failed out, and they broke up in 2017. The real cause for their breakup is unclear. Despite the couple’s breakup, the ex-couple are still friends and co-parent their kids.

Their New York apartment is currently on the market for more than €15 million. Despite this, the lady moved on from Eric and was seen with an unknown male on a date.

On October 5, 2017, she was also spotted at Cake Mix in West Hollywood. She has been quiet about her personal Life.

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The Celebrity Kid’s Networth

York Banks Asla is a popular young kid who enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. He studies well and spends quality time with his family members rather than engaging in professional activities.

His parents are taking care of his every issue. His parents are popular and earn a lot of money. Asla’s mother has a sizable income stream. She has also amassed sufficient riches to live a luxury lifestyle.

York Bank’s Mother, Tyra Banks Modeling Photo
(Image source: America’s Next Top Model)

Tyra Asla, Asla’s famous mother, has a net worth of $90 million, which she has amassed through her successful professional achievements. Similarly, his father has a huge networth of over $1 million.

Physical Appearance and Social Media Handles

The Celebrity Kid’s height, weight, and chest-waist-hip measurements are unclear. Nonetheless, the celebrity child is still in the early stages of development.

Asla’s physical dimensions will continue to change for several more years. Asla also has dark brown eyes and curly light brown hair.

He continues to study and learn new things every day, opening the way for a brighter future. Furthermore, he is concentrating on how to create his work path and achieve greatness.

Asla does not have a personal account on any social media networks at such a young age. He can be found on his mother’s Instagram account @tyrabanks and his father’s account @erikasla occasionally.

York’s Half-Siblings

York is Tyra and Erik’s only child. However, he is surrounded by three half-siblings on his father’s side. Tatjana, Taylor, and Tatum are their names. Erik’s ex-wife, Ena Lavan, gave birth to three of his half-sisters.

On the other hand, Tatjana is claimed to have chosen to follow in Tyra’s footsteps and pursue a career in modeling. Tatjana has worked with Elite modeling as well as LA models.

In addition, the girl made her professional debut in 2015 at New York Fashion Week, when she presented the spring collections of Eckhaus Latta and VFILES.

She was also chosen to be a model for Bakareh’s autumn 2015 collection.

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