Yusuf Vagitovich Alekperov was born in Moscow on June 20, 1990. He is of Asian ethnicity, with an Azerbaijani father (Vagit Alekperov) and a Russian mother. Yusuf’s dad was deputy commissioner of the Soviet Union’s oil and gas sector at his birth. He was one of the plc of Lukoil two years later. He remains the corporation’s permanent CEO today.

The Alekperov family has always been well-off. Yusuf maintained everything that the majority of his classmates could only wish for. The father reared his kid brutally despite his prosperity, as Azerbaijani custom dictates. Unlike several other symbols of Russia’s golden generation, Yusuf did not become embroiled in any scandal as he got a bit older. He attempts not to publicize his life accessibly. Only amateur representations of Yusuf can be obtained from the internet, but there aren’t many of them.

Yusuf Alekperov’s career

Alekperov registered at the Russian University of Petroleum in 2007 on the consultations of his father. Yusuf proceeded to Western Siberia for practical experience after receiving an engineer’s diploma to develop and commercialize “black gold” veins. He hitchhiked to Kogalym on his father’s authorizations, according to speculations. He had a challenging position in this Siberian city at one time. Yusuf made his fortune as a production operator before becoming a geotechnical engineer at one of Lukoil’s oil fields.

He started to move to diamond mining three years later. He postulated this on one of the social media platforms in which he has a website. However, he subsequently became bored with this vocation. Yusuf’s sphere of action was once again synthesized in 2017. He began producing caffeinated beverages, primarily through the Lukoil refueling facilities’ kiosks.

Yusuf is portrayed as having a substantial ownership interest in the company “VPT,” which plays a significant role in the freight transport of liquefied natural gas. One of the co-owners of Lukavto LLC, Russia’s official Mercedes-Benz dealer, is Alekperov. He has been diversifying in industries such as manufacturing. The dad’s expertise in Lukoil will nourishment be administered to his son. He will, however, be unable to operate many construction companies simultaneously instance, including advertising his equity to a third party. The father substantiated his recommendation by indicating that Yusuf was woefully unqualified for the team responsible.

Personal Life of Yusuf Alekperov

Yusuf Alekperov
usuf with Alisa Kolesnikova src: manygoodtips

Yusuf was always widely recognized as one of the most desirable bachelors. Many women consistently dreamed of getting married to the mono successor of one of the Lukoil company’s representatives, but not all imaginations came to fruition. Yusuf Vagitovich confirmed today on “Instagram” in April 2016 that he had already discovered and ideologically committed to his one and only. He and his partner journeyed across Spain from April to May and published joint scenes that explore how perfectly content they are. his representative one is named “ Alisa Kolesnikova, she is a really lovely girl, but, alongside her birthdates, nothing is known about her.

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On March 22 of last year, he attached a photo on social media of a gigantic endeavor of blossoms arranged in the semblance of his wife’s name. This addendum to the birthday present became influential to anyone and everyone. The newlywed segment may be comprehended in the perspective that they really do not divulge much information about their personal affairs, consequently, Alice is unidentified. Surely, the girl has a slew of venomous pundits, and Yusuf Alekperov seems to be doing everything he could to effectively protect her from unwanted advances.

The reality that the couple is joyful may still be on “Instagram.” Fresh photographs of Yusuf, his bride, and colleagues are published on a constant schedule. In the annotations on his homepage, he constantly ceases of surrendering to the girl he loves.

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