Zander Ryan McCready was born on March 25, 2006, in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the son of Mindy McCready, a late country singer, and Billy McKnight, his father. The 14-year-old had gone through several troubles. Because of his parents’ volatile relationship, both parents eventually lost custody of Zander.

Then with whom is Zander living? Where is his mother? Let’s get into the article to learn more about Zander Ryan McCready.

How is Zander Ryan McCready’s Parents’ Relationship?

After his mother’s failed engagement to Dean Cain, Zander’s father and mother met and began a relationship. Dean is an American actor, producer, television presenter, and former professional football player.

But Mindy and Billy’s relationship wouldn’t last as Billy was arrested for attempted murder on May 8, 2005, when he beat and choked Mindy. Even though the pair had a bad relationship the first time around, they fell in love again. After their second meeting, Mindy became pregnant with Zander.

Moreover, Mindy attempted suicide while pregnant with Zander by overdosing on antidepressants. After he was born, she even cut herself once more. Ryan’s mother made it through the second time and finally divorced Billy.

The Death of Zander Ryan McCready Mother

According to CNN, country singer Mindy McCready died of an apparent suicide on Sunday night. The singer died at 37, leaving behind two young children.

According to the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office, McCready was found dead in Heber Springs, Arkansas, from a single, probably self-inflicted gunshot. She was found on the same porch where her younger son’s father, David Wilson, was recovered after a second apparent suicide in January.

McCready is buried in Alva, Florida’s Alva Cemetery.


Mindy’s mother became the boy’s official legal guardian as Mindy’s alcohol and drug issues became so severe that she could no longer care for him. McKnight, Zander’s father, had visitation rights to his son and would see him regularly.

Later, the Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services took custody of the boy. After that, Zander’s father won control. As of now, Ryan is living with his father.

Zander Ryan McCready’s Net Worth

As we know, Zander Ryan McCready is young and has not been involved in any profession, so it’s impossible to talk about his net worth. As of now, he is enjoying his parent’s wealth just like William Behr Jenner, Blake Avery Gilmartin. On the other hand, his mother had a net worth of $200 thousand before her death. She earned her net worth from her singing career, which she began in 1996.

Moreover, in mid-2011, McCready appeared on Celebrity Close Calls and Celebrity Ghost Stories series 3, episode 6. The recurring casts seen in sections for those seasons are Bob Forrest, Jennifer Gimenez, and Loesha Zevia.

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