Finalist in the YouTuber of the Year, Zane Hijazi is a prominent American YouTuber. He rose to fame after collaborating with his video partner, Heath Hussar in a collaborative channel, Zane and Heath. As of 2021, his YouTube Channel, ZANE HIJAZI has over 3.87 Million subscribers. Before his career in YouTube, he was a travel director for different logistic companies. Leaving his professional career, let’s take a sneak peek into his personal life.

Zane Hijazi’s Personal Life

The 28 years old YouTuber is currently in a relationship with a mysterious girl. Not to mention, he is very secretive towards his love life even though he seems very open in his YouTube videos. Being a huge celebrity, he has been keeping his girlfriend’s details under the radar up until now. Reportedly, he uploaded a picture with her on his Instagram with a hilarious caption. He wrote,

“I know the paparazzi are just doing their job but man.. give. us. a. breather. Let me and my #1 grab some BOA steakhouse in peace.”

Zane Hijazi going to BOA Steakhouse with his mysterious girlfriend
Zane Hijazi going to BOA Steakhouse with his mysterious girlfriend
Source: Instagram (zane)

Zane was holding his girlfriend’s hand while going to BOA steakhouse. Apart from relations, he loves to hang-out with his friends and make YouTube videos. He was often seen spending time with his friends on his Instagram. Besides, there are a couple of dating rumors of Zane. Back in 2019, Zane and Stassie were rumored to be dating.

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However, neither Zane nor Stassie ever commented accepted, or even commented over it. Similarly, Heath Hussar and Zane’s secret relations rumors were pretty hyped up as well.

Zane Hijazi’s Net Worth

Being one of the famous and prominent YouTubers, Zane must be earning millions of dollars via YouTube. In fact, he has over 3.87 Million subscribers with a total view of 635,991,842 views on his YouTube. According to Social Blade, he makes between $7.2K – $115.9K per year from it. Besides, his secondary source of income is promotions and advertisements.

One of Zane’s YouTube Video

Furthermore, he has 3.6 Million followers on his official Instagram. He earns around $7,239.75 – $12,066.25 per sponsored post. Besides, he also worked as a travel director for different logistic companies before starting his career in YouTube. During that time, he earned around $55,000 per year. Additionally, he and Heath are the owners of their own coffee brand, Kramoda.

Without a doubt, they might be earning a decent amount of profit from the sale volume of the coffee. Subsequently, his wealth will increase in the coming days as he is still active in his professional life. But, for now, Zane Hijazi’s net worth is around $1 Million which is similar to Libby Casey.

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