Zyla Moon Oluwakemi is a famous young lady. She is the daughter of Wale, a popular rapper. Wale and his future wife Claudia Alexia Jourdan gave birth to their child in 2016.

Wale is a rapper from the United States. In 2006, his song ‘Dig Dug‘ became famous in his hometown, catapulting him to fame. Wale gained fame and continues to make music for a limited audience.

Moon Oluwakemi’s Relationship With Her Dad, Wale

Fatherhood is a blessing for many, but it appears to be a burden for certain males. Undoubtedly, many challenges come with being a father, and rapper Wale shares some of his as they relate to raising his daughter.

In 2016, the rapper revealed that he was the father of a new baby girl, Zyla Moon Oluwakemi, and adored his princess. He was so delighted that he laughed and cried simultaneously, which he had never done before.

I’m going to keep working on myself and pray to God that I can design a little princess who blossoms into an amazing queen,” Akintimehin tweeted. “I got you, baby, you go, girl, you’re my everything, and I’ll make sure we SHiNE, my lovely Zyla.”

Wale and Zyla Moon Oluwakemi taking a beautiful selfie photo
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Wale discovered over time that fatherhood, particularly raising a daughter, was not simple. Moreover, he and his wife are no longer together. Hence he is a single father. Being a father to a girl has been difficult for him.

Olubowale Victor Akintimehin continues, “Sometimes how you’re raised doesn’t come into fruition until you start raising somebody,” Victor Akintimehin explains. I was never like, ‘Oh! Gaga goo goo!’ and all that other nonsense. It’s not love, but it’s how I do things. And the emotion is there.

Does Wale’s Daughter have Siblings?

Zyla Moon is her mother and father’s only kid. Based on his mother and father’s profiles, he appears to be an only kid. Claudia Moon’s mother had left her father, Wale. The pair has no relation with each other anymore.

Zyla’s father, Wale, is currently with her. Zyla’s location is unclear, as is whether she has a sibling. Wale has kept his distance from her daughter. As a result, there isn’t much information about her.

Zyla’s Father, Wale Career and Net Worth

Zyla Moon Oluwakemi’s father made his debut with the song Rhyme of the Century, which rapidly became popular on local radio. Because of the song, he was published in The Source Magazine.

The magazine led to him being offered a deal by the local label Studio 43. Dig Dug, Wale’s following single, was a huge success.

The photographer spotted a photo of Wale and Zyla Moon Oluwakemi in the public area.
The photographer spotted a photo of Wale and Zyla Moon Oluwakemi in the public area.
Photo Source: Online

Dig Dug‘s rapper mixtape 100 Miles and Running was a great success when released in 2007. It garnered favorable reviews from critics and featured cameos by Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse, and Lily Allen.

Jourdan’s ex-husband has income from albums, music videos, and music on Spotify and Apple Music. He has a net worth of $5 million.

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