Adrian Lomonaco is a renowned hockey coach whose expertise has made a lasting impact on players at various levels, ranging from NHL and Olympic teams to national and amateur squads.

Currently affiliated with Journey to Excel Inc., Lomonaco has become synonymous with excellence in player development and has garnered widespread recognition in the hockey world.

Beyond his professional achievements, Lomonaco’s personal life has also been in the spotlight. His union with former hockey player Jennifer Botterill, known for her successful career and Olympic gold medals, further solidifies their status as a power couple within the hockey community.

Jennifer Botterill and Adrian Lomonaco: Married Life

Jennifer Botterill and Adrian Lomonaco’s love story is a beautiful testament to the power of shared passion and mutual support. Similarly, their journey began in 2008 when fate brought them together.

Jennifer, an esteemed member of the Canadian women’s national ice hockey team, and Adrian, an assistant coach for the men’s team, crossed paths and discovered a deep connection.

Likewise, their bond continued to flourish, and by 2009, they officially became a couple. Recognizing their strong commitment, they got engaged in 2011, eagerly embarking on their journey toward a lifelong partnership.

The former hockey player Jennifer Botterill with her husband Adrian Lomonaco.
The former hockey player Jennifer Botterill with her husband Adrian Lomonaco. Source: Instagram/@jenbotterill

On May 5, 2012, Jennifer and Adrian exchanged vows in a small and intimate wedding ceremony held in Toronto. Moreover, the picturesque St. Lawrence area provided a charming backdrop, while the renowned Hall of Fame hosted their joyous reception.

Among the attendees were their beloved family members, close friends, and fellow players, who came together to celebrate their love and create lasting memories.

How Many Kids He Shares With Jennifer Botterill

Jennifer Botterill and Adrian Lomonaco’s love story has flourished into a beautiful family life, enriched by the presence of their three precious children: Maya, Brooklynn, and Willow.

In Addition, as devoted parents, they have embraced the joys and responsibilities of raising their children, providing a nurturing and loving environment for them to grow and thrive.

Jennifer Botterill with her three daughters.
Jennifer Botterill with her three daughters. Source: Instagram/@jenbotterill

While their primary focus is on their family, Jennifer and Adrian have remained actively engaged in the hockey industry. Living in Toronto, they have continued to pursue their individual passions and contribute to the sport they hold dear.

Likewise, in the interview with Hockey Canada, Jennifer Said,

“It’s super fulfilling to have these three kids to take care of and who have brought a lot of energy and joy to our lives.”

As their journey unfolds, Jennifer Botterill and Adrian Lomonaco’s commitment to each other, their family, and the hockey community remains unwavering, leaving an inspiring legacy both on and off the ice.

Net Worth

Adrian has had a diverse career in hockey, both as a player and as a coach. The supportive husband of Jennifer is estimated to have $3 Million of net worth.

During his playing days in Europe, professional hockey players generally earn an average salary of around $4 million per year. As a coach, Lomonaco has worked with various male and female teams at different levels, including national, NHL, and Olympic players.

In Canada, the average salary for a hockey coach is around $43,300 per year or $22.21 per hour. Given Lomonaco’s extensive experience and involvement in coaching, it can be assumed that he likely receives a salary within the average range for a hockey coach.

Career Journey

After retiring as a professional hockey player in Europe, Lomonaco embarked on a successful coaching career that has made him a highly regarded figure in player development across North America. His unique skills and abilities have been instrumental in shaping the success of numerous players.

Lomonaco’s coaching journey has taken him to various hockey organizations and levels. He has worked with renowned institutions such as Hockey Canada, where he has contributed to the development of players at the NHL, Olympic, and national team levels.

Adrian Lomonaco is a coach and former hockey player.
Adrian Lomonaco is a coach and former hockey player. Source: Pinterest

Additionally, Adrian has served as a coach for the Canadian Women’s Olympic Team, the Provincial Junior OPJHL, and the CWHL (Canadian Women’s Hockey League), among others.

Currently, Adrian is employed by Journey to Excel Inc., a prominent hockey development organization located in the Toronto, Canada area. Also, know about other hockey players Murray Hone and Logan Brown.

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