On January 01, 1968, Reed Beauregard Turner A.K.A Beau Turner was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States. He is active with several nonprofit organizations worldwide that promote environmental protection and preservation.

Turner is the Chairman of the Turner Endangered Species Fund’s Board of Trustees and Turner Enterprises, Inc.’s Director of Natural Resources and Biodiversity. And he is well known as the son of Ten Turner, an American entrepreneur.

Ted Turner’s Son, Beau Turner Relationships

Gannon works as a contributing editor at Veranda, an Atlanta-based interior design publication, and enjoys hunting and fishing. She is the daughter of MedicalControl’s president, Ward Hunt and a director of the Henry Street Settlement in New York, Laura Bayoud Hunt.

Turner is a vice president of Turner Enterprises in Atlanta. He is the son of an American entrepreneur, television producer, media proprietor, philanthropist, Ted Turner, a billionaire and his second wife, Jane Shirley Smith.

Beau Turner with his wife and son
Beau Turner with his wife and son
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Ward Hunt and Laura Bayoud Hunt’s daughter and son of Ted Turner and Jane Shirley Smith tied the knot in December 1999. The couple is blessed and welcomes a baby together. And Turner and Hunt shared a grandson.

Beau Turner Net Worth

Beau Turner is the son of a billionaire who once recorded his highest net worth of $2.4billion. He has also given his son to handle a little part of his business.

Turner Advertising is the company of Ted’s Father. After Ted’s father attempted suicide, he became the president and CEO of his father’s company and renamed it the Turner Broadcasting Company. Further, the company’s first 24-hour cable news network, CNN, debuted in 1980.

Additionally, Time Warner paid $7.5 billion for Turner Broadcasting in 1996.

Beau Turner has his day off.
Beau Turner has his day off.
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Turner is also a chairman of the Turner Enterprises, Inc., a private organization that oversees two million acres in eight states and Argentina, as well as his commercial activities, land holdings, and investments. He is famous as the 24-hour news cable network CNN founder.

Gannon’s Husband More Info

Ted’s son is in charge of the 2 million-acre operation’s wildlife programs. His father has 3 wives, Julia Gale Nye and Jane Fonda making two step-mother.

He has 4 siblings who make 5 children in the family. He said in his social profile that he enjoys designing, taking pics of, making short films about and find interesting.

The Chairman of Turner Enterprises, Inc. is a Trustee of the Turner Foundation, a private family foundation dedicated to environmental and population issues. Not to mention, he is an active participant in Outdoor Youth Reports who aims to expand the youth center concept and turn the BTYCC into a national model for similar centers.

Beau Turner has his day off
Beau Turner has his day off.
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Beau work with a group that encourages good stewardship among landowners in Georgia and Florida’s Red Hills region.

He teaches kids to engage with nature, fish, archery, hunt, camp, and research alternative energy sources. His father revealed that he suffers from Lewy body dementia, a progressive brain disorder that leaves him exhausted and forgetful.

The Chairman of Turner Enterprises, Inc. Social Profiles

Jane’s son is not highly active in social media, and he enjoys more with nature and the environment. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have social profiles.

As he isn’t much in action, he has more than 300 followers on Instagram @BeauTurner. And he has more than 1000 followers on his Twitter @BeauTurner, where he told us he was nominated along with some other talented individuals for the SBA Small Business Champion through his work with 757 Makerspace.

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