Berniece Julien, once part of the public eye as Tyson Beckford‘s ex-wife, used to be in the spotlight alongside the famous Ralph Lauren Polo model. However, after their divorce, she’s chosen a quieter life.

Born in Britain, Berniece has kept her current life private, mostly focusing on her projects, away from the flashy world she was once part of. Despite her past connection to fame, she’s now all about her journey, working on her own goals behind the scenes.

In a world where everyone seems to want attention, Berniece Julien has chosen to take a different path, away from the constant buzz of the spotlight.

How Old Is Berniece Julien? Age, Nationality, Parents, Early Life

Bernice Julien was born in the 1980s in West Yorkshire, UK, but her exact birthday remains a mystery. She’s British and is part of the Caucasian group, following Christianity.

Her parents are Lloyd Julien and Hillary Dixon Hall. However, there isn’t much said about her brothers or sisters in the media.

When it comes to her early life, well, there’s not a lot out there. She’s kept it pretty private. Seems like Bernice doesn’t want too much attention on her childhood or family, choosing to keep that part of her life away from the gossip and news.

College/Education Background

Berniece Julien’s education forms a strong base for her professional journey. Her academic path began at the University of Huddersfield, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Honors in Business Management.

Before her university days, she attended All Saints’ Sixth Form College, bagging an NVQ level 2 in Administration.

Adding to her repertoire, Julien also studied at Huddersfield Technical College, earning a National Diploma in Art and Design. Her diverse educational journey mirrors her dedication to learning and gaining expertise across varied fields.

Marriage and Divorce Details With Tyson Beckford

Berniece Julien’s past marriage to Tyson Beckford unfolded in a small, picturesque ceremony on January 4, 2007, set in the stunning Caribbean country of Grenada.

Sadly, their union concluded in 2009. However, the specific reasons behind their separation have been kept confidential from the public eye.

Tyson Beckford is an African-American model best known as a Ralph Lauren Polo model.
Tyson Beckford is an African-American model best known as a Ralph Lauren Polo model. Source: Pinterest

Their love story began when destiny intertwined their paths at a Los Angeles party in 2006. Fate led them to each other, and for a while, they embarked on a journey as a married couple.

However, the details surrounding their parting and the reasons behind it have remained a private matter between them, hidden from the curious eyes of the world.

Did She Remarry? Who Is Her Current Partner?

Berniece Julien’s relationship status is kind of a big mystery, you know? Unlike other celebs like Clara Wilsey and Charlie Storwick who post everything on social media, she’s totally off the grid. Like, is super private about her personal life.

People are guessing, though. Some think she might be in a happy relationship or even married, finding her groove in her way. But hey, she could also be living the single life and loving it.

As of 2024, no one knows for sure ’cause she keeps it all under wraps. Berniece Julien’s relationship status remains a big question mark in the media!

Her Ex-Husband, Tyson Beckford’s Romantic History Made Headlines

Tyson Beckford’s love life has been quite the rollercoaster, tangled up with various women from the industry. One of his past flames was April Roomet, a stylist and fashion designer who shares a familial bond through their son, Jordan Beckford.

He’s had romantic entanglements with a bunch of models like Nikki Giavasis, Imogen Thomas, CariDee English, and Alicia Hall. But, his most famous ex is probably Shanina Shaik, a Victoria’s Secret model. Their relationship from 2008 to 2015 reportedly ended in a rocky way.

Tyson Beckford and his ex-girlfriend Shanina Shaik, an Australian model.
Tyson Beckford and his ex-girlfriend Shanina Shaik, an Australian model. Source: Pinterest

Tyson made some claims about Shanina’s success, saying he hooked her up with big shots in the industry and even helped her get dental work and tone up.

Things got pretty messy in 2016 when Tyson had a showdown with Shanina’s then-boyfriend, DJ Ruckus. The beef started when Ruckus ditched their friendship to date her. It all blew up into a physical fight outside a Manhattan bar, making headlines and showing just how complicated things can get in the world of celeb relationships.

Berniece Julien’s Job: Big Deals as Senior Insights Manager at Circana

Berniece Julien serves as a Senior Insights Manager at Circana, a role she assumed in January 2023. At Circana, an advisory firm specializing in empowering businesses with strategic insights, Berniece plays a pivotal role.

Her job? She checks out what’s up in the market, does lots of research, and figures out what people are into to help out the clients. With her sales skills and business smarts, Berniece makes sure Circana’s clients rock it with the right moves.

Other Career Details of Berniece

Before her current work, Berniece had some cool jobs that built up her professional background. First up, she was a Kitchen Sales Designer at Wren Kitchens in West Yorkshire. She got to show off her creative side by making awesome kitchen designs for customers, making sure everything fit their style.

Then, she moved to UK Greetings in Dewsbury as a Category Controller/Category Manager. She did stuff like analyzing sales data and making those cool card displays we see in stores.

After that, Berniece spent over seven years at Asda, doing different jobs like Category Merchandiser and Supply Analyst. She worked with buyers to make sure all the products were displayed right and stores had enough stock.

Also, she did a stint at Vodafone as a Sales Advisor. All these jobs helped her learn tons about sales, showing products, and keeping customers happy.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Berniece Julien, a British entrepreneur, has established herself in the field of sales, amassing an estimated net worth of $1 million.

In comparison, her former partner, Beckford, boasts a substantial net worth of $8 million. Currently linked with Circana, Julien’s salary specifics remain undisclosed. Her career is centered on sales, allowing her to refine her skills and expertise in the field.

About Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford is a well-known American model and actor. He gained widespread recognition as one of the first African-American male supermodels, particularly for his work with Ralph Lauren Polo. Beckford’s striking looks and successful modeling career propelled him to international fame in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Beyond modeling, Beckford has ventured into acting, appearing in movies like “Into the Blue” and “Zoolander.” He appeared as a host and mentor on the modeling reality series “Make Me a Supermodel.” Additionally, he was featured in the reality competition like “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

Beckford’s impact on the fashion industry as a male supermodel paved the way for greater diversity and representation within the modeling world.

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