Getting the media’s attention after marrying a celebrity is a common trend. Bharat Rishi Moorjani, known as Bharat Moorjani, is in everyone’s eye because of being a celebrity husband. He is currently in the media’s spotlight for becoming the spouse of an American -Indian actress Richa Moorjani.

Even though Bharat is a non-celebrity, his name is not unknown in the media world. Likewise, Bharat, born in America, also has Indian roots. Similarly, Richa’s fans are curious to know the actress’s husband. However, Bharat’s detailed information on his age is not disclosed to the public.

Moreover, Bharat is highly private when sharing his personal life with the public. He occasionally appears with Richa at public events and on his official social sites. Continue to read to know more about celebrity husband, Bharat Moorjani.

Bharat Rishi Moorjani And Richa Moorjani Dating History

It’s rare to date someone and devotes your whole life to marrying someone you met through dating apps. However, for the Morrjani couple, it was different. Bharat and Richa’s fate said other things. Both are living happily and lavishly as the perfect married pair.

Bharat Moorjani and Richa Moorjani started dating from dating apps.
Bharat Moorjani and Richa Moorjani started dating in 2017 after meeting for the first time through dating apps.
Source: Instagram @richamoorjani

Bharat and Richa’s first meeting was online. They got to know each other through dating apps designed for South Asian singles in America. At first, they started with a conversation and talking in apps. Later after learning some similarities and the good things between each other pair decided to meet in real life.

Additionally, they grew closer after meeting and decided to begin a romantic relationship. The date, which started in 2017, led to a happy marriage. Bharat’s wife, actress Richa always shows her gratitude, love, and support towards him for being grateful to walk in the same journey. Likewise, in 2021 Richa posted a photo of her and her husband Bharat in her Instagram profile with the caption “What I’m grateful for.”

Bharat Moorjani and Richa Moorjani Wedding Details

Furthermore, Bharat and Richa decided to become a husband and wife. On October 19, 2019, the beautiful couple Bharat and Richa tied the knot according to the Hindu tradition. The locking pairs wedding destination was in Cancun, Mexico, at Dreams Playa Mujeres Golf & Spa Resort. The wedding was three days long, starting with haldi, sangeet, and reception.

Bharat Moorjani and Richa Moorjani tied the knot on October 19, 2019, after a few years of dating.
After a few years of dating, Bharat Moorjani and Richa Moorjani tied the knot on October 19, 2019.
Source: Instagram

Nevertheless, the husband of a celebrity, Bharat, prefers to lay low and has no official social media accounts. However, through the Instagram profile of his wife, actress Richa, we can see their love and relationship are getting stronger and unbreakable.

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As for now, the pair does share any children; it looks like they haven’t decided to have a baby yet. At the moment, Richa is currently enjoying her professional life. Maybe in the future, the fan can anticipate welcoming mini them. Besides, Richa never forgets to post and show off her wedding memories on every anniversary they celebrate.

Bharat Moorjani and Richa Moorjani dancing together at their wedding reception night.
Bharat Moorjani and Richa Moorjani dancing together at their wedding reception night.
Source: Instagram @richamoorjani

On their first anniversary, Richa posted their wedding moments with a heartfelt caption and love saying, “My love and respect for you continues to grow every day, and if this year has taught me anything, it’s been to cherish every single moment with you and our loved ones, since we have no idea what will happen tomorrow.

Richa added, “I love you with all my heart and soul, and knowing I have you by my side gives me the strength and courage to get through every single thing this year and life, in general, sends our way.”

Richa Moorjani’s Short Bio

The 34 years old, actress Richa Moorjani is currently at the center of attention. The American-Indian actress is famous for her role as Kamala in the hit Netflix romance comedy series Never Have I Ever (2020). Azad Oommen’s wife, Poorna Jagannathan, has also played the leading role in Never Have I Ever.

The beautiful actress was born Richa Shukla on May 26, 1989, in the Bay Area, California, United States, to the Shukla family of Indian descent. The actress Richa graduated in 2011 from the University of California, Davis, where she chose her major in communication.

The American actress Richa Moorjani and her father at her wedding.
The American actress Richa Moorjani and her father at her wedding.
Source: Instagram @richamoorjani

The 5-foot-5-inch (165 cm) tall Richa Marjoon’s acting career started in 2011, playing Sheela in the short film Love Fool. The passionate and talented dancer Richa is a student at the Srimati Anuradha Nag (Tarangini School of Kathak Dance). She usually shares her dancing skills through her Instagram posts.

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Later, through hard work and dedication towards acting, Moorjani began getting roles in movies and TV shows. Some of her acting credits include The Mindy Project (2012), NCIS: Los Angeles (2017), and many more. Likewise, her upcoming project consists of a short film, Broken Drawer, directed by Rippin Sindher.

Bharat Moorjani’s Net Worth

The professional details and exact net worth of Bharat Rishi Moorjani are unrevealed to the public. Mr. Moorjani might be involved in professional work, from where he might earn impressive wealth. Bharat and Richa’s pictures from her Instagram handle showcase that the husband-wife duo enjoys a good amount of wealth as they occasionally travel in many countries together.

The celebrity husband Bharat Moorjani has Indian roots.
The celebrity husband, Bharat Moorjani, has Indian roots.
Source: Instagram @richamoorjani

However, the Bharat wife actress Richa Moorjani is estimated to have a $1 million net worth. Richa’s popularity has rapidly increased after her breakthrough performance on the Netflix romance-comedy drama series Never Have I Ever (2020).

Besides being an actress, Richa is also a dancer for more than 20 years. Additionally, Richa’s career is blooming after hitting big in the entertainment industry. She first started acting in middle school. Likewise, Richa has appeared in many variety shows, which helped her earn.

Actress Richa Moorjani has an estimated net worth of $1 million.
Actress Richa Moorjani has an estimated net worth of $1 million.
Source: Instagram @richamoorjani

Moreover, it is reported that the salary of Richa Moorjani in the Never Have I Ever (2020) season was $65,000 an episode. Likewise, Richa’s income increased after the third season and the upcoming final season of the series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress asks for $150,000 per episode for season three. As a rising actor, Richa’s net worth will increase in the coming days.

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