In June 2009, Debra Jeter‘s 911 call shocked the nation as she calmly admitted to killing her two children. Her daughter Kelsey tragically died from her injuries, while 13-year-old Kiersten was fighting for her life. Despite being a nurse, Jeter refused to attend to her daughter and instead waited for emergency services to arrive.

The events of that day still haunt many to this day, as the question of what drove a mother to commit such a heinous act remains unanswered. The details of Jeter’s life and the events leading up to the tragedy are equally harrowing and serve as a stark reminder of the devastating impact untreated mental illness can have.

Who is Debra Jeter?

Debra Janelle Jeter is a woman who gained notoriety for the murder of her daughter and the attempted murder of her other daughter in 2009. On June 5th of that year, she was responsible for the death of her 12-year-old daughter Kelsey and the severe injury of her 13-year-old daughter Kiersten.

The event left many stunned and questioning how a mother could commit such a heinous act. She was born in the late 1970s in the USA and was married to Lester Jeter with whom she had two children. Prior to the incident, not much was known about her background.

The Troubled Relationship of Debra Jeter and Lee Jeter: A Tragic Prelude to a Horrific Crime

Debra was married to Lester Jeter, who is also known as Lee. It is unclear when they first became a couple, but their relationship did not have a happy ending. Lee filed for separation in May 2009, which caused Debra to attempt suicide in front of their two children.

Lee then obtained a restraining order against Debra, fearing that she would harm their children.

Debra Jeter's husband Lester Jeter and their daughter.
Debra Jeter’s husband Lester Jeter and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, the court granted Debra unsupervised visitation less than three weeks after the restraining order was issued.

This decision proved to be fatal for their two daughters, Kiersten and Kelsey Jeter, as Debra took them to an abandoned house in rural Texas and attacked them with a knife on June 5, 2009. Kelsey died from her injuries, while Kiersten survived after receiving life-saving surgery.

The Horrific Events of 5 June 2009: Debra Jeter’s Vicious Attack on Her Two Daughters

On 5 June 2009, Debra Jeter committed an unspeakable act of violence against her two daughters, Kiersten and Kelsey Jeter. She lured her children to an abandoned farmhouse under the guise of a surprise.

Once inside, she attacked Kiersten with a knife, but the brave 13-year-old shouted for her sister to run.

Debra Jeter's daughter Kelsey Jeter, whom she killed.
Debra Jeter’s daughter Kelsey Jeter, whom she killed. Source: Pinterest

However, Debra quickly caught up to Kelsey and mercilessly slashed her throat. Kiersten was also stabbed but managed to survive and begged her mother to call for help. Despite being a credited nurse, Debra refused to assist her daughter and strolled through the house waiting for emergency services. This tragic event has left a mark on the community and the world as a whole.

A Quick Look At Debra Jeter’s Infamous 911 Call

Debra Jeter’s 911 call made on June 5, 2009, is bone-chilling. She calmly tells the dispatcher, “I just killed my children.” When the dispatcher asks her to repeat what she said, she answers, “I just killed my children.”

Just like Debra Jeter, Mary Bell is also a child murderer. It’s a shocking revelation that would go down in history as one of the most heinous crimes committed by a mother.

The dispatcher asks if the children are still breathing, and Debra admits that she does not know. She then goes on to provide her location and calmly waits for the authorities to arrive. Her nonchalant demeanor during the call only adds to the horror of the situation.

Debra Jeter’s Conviction and Motive for Murdering Her Children

Debra Jeter was charged with murder and attempted capital murder following the heinous act of murdering her daughter Kelsey and attempting to kill her other daughter, Kiersten.

Despite her initial plea of not guilty, she eventually pled guilty to the charges in May 2010 and was sentenced to life without parole. Her motive for the brutal act was reportedly tied to her ongoing divorce and custody battles with her ex-husband, Lester, whom she blamed for the pain her children were experiencing.

The plea deal allowed her to escape a possible death sentence and prevented her daughter Kiersten from having to testify about her mother’s actions. Ryan Waller is also infamously known for being a murderer.

Debra Jeter’s Netflix movie

This horrific incident between Debra and her daughter has been making many headlines. Moreover, recently, it is said to have been documented by the Netflix original on this incident.

The movie will be about the whole story of this incident. Likewise, it provides a complete account of Debra’s infamous crime where she murdered one of her daughters and attempted to kill the other.

Where Is Debra Now? Is She Still Alive?

There is no concrete evidence of Debra Jeter’s current whereabouts or if she is still alive. There are speculations that she may have taken her life while serving her sentence in prison during her term at a Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison unit in Gatesville.

However, there is no official confirmation of this. As of now, her location and status remain unknown. Whereas, Her ex-husband Lee found love again and remarried.

Where Is Debra’s Daughter Kiersten Jeter now?

Kiersten Jeter has been living a quiet life away from the public eye since surviving the horrific attack by her mother. She has made an effort to keep her life private. Though it is known that she has an Instagram account she made it private.

It is understandable that Kiersten would want to distance herself from the traumatic events of her past and focus on living a peaceful life.

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