Jean Rosenberg Feldman, better known as Dr. Jean, is well-known for her educational learning songs for children. She has had a distinguished teaching career for over 40 years.

She’s worked as a classroom teacher, an adult educator, an author, and a consultant. Furthermore, the multitalented personage is a sensational YouTuber as well.

Academic Achievements Of Dr. Jean

Dr. Feldman’s list of academic achievements includes a B.A from the University of Georgia. She has a Diploma for Advanced Study in Teaching (D.A.S.T.) from Emory University. An M.A. in Early Childhood and Ph.D. degrees in Curriculum and Instruction from Georgia State University.

Dr. Jean Rosenberg Feldman
Dr. Jean Rosenberg Feldman
Image Source: YouTube

The versatile author/YouTuber is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. In addition, she is a member of The International Reading Association and the National Kindergarten Alliance. Dr. Jean’s engaging songs and innovative activities assist in teaching and learning F.U.N. for instructors all across the country.

Turning Point Of Dr. Jean

Dr. Jean released a music video for her song “Dr. Jean’s Banana Dance” on April 30, 2010. In October and November 2015, the well-known term for “Dr. Jean’s Banana Dance,” “Guacamole Song,” went viral.

Dr. Jean’s famous Banana Dance,” “Guacamole Song.”

The song has been seen over 33 million times and has quickly become a meme on the internet. It was featured in a Fine Brothers episode of Kids React. Many more music videos of her children’s learning songs have been posted on her YouTube channel.

Net Worth Of Dr. Jean

As of the year 2020, the estimated net worth is around $1-$3 million, similar to Polyxeni Ferfeli.

According to ZipRecruiter, the estimated annual salary of an author range from $15000-$136000. However, in the United States, the majority of Children Book Writer salaries now vary. It varies from $29,500 to $73,000, with top earners earning $104,000 per year.

Famous Author Dr., Jean
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As YouTube is her primary source of income, she made a lot of money as a professional YouTuber. Her YouTube channel has accumulated over 84.7 million views and 166,000 subscribers as of 2021. She maintains her Blogs, distributes educational children’s music, writes and publishes her books.

Dr. Feldman’s Accomplishments

Production of books also adds to her list of many other accomplishments. The list of books is titled Survival Guide for Preschool Teachers, The Complete Book of Indoors and Outdoor Games and Activities, Transition Time, Science Surprises, Self-Esteem Activities, and many more.

One Of Dr. Jean Books
One Of Dr. Jean Books
Source: Amazon

The all-rounder 74-year-old Youtuber released several songs as well. Music Design Record Company is her record company, and she removes her music there. Various schools around the country use the songs released on her YouTube channel. The tunes of her pieces are uplifting for the children and adults. The different titles of her songs include Dr. Jean, Sings Silly Songs, Dr. Jean, and Friends, Sing to Learn, Is Everybody Happy, and many more.

Short Information Of Dr.Jean

The multitalented author, teacher, consultant, and YouTuber were born on March 15, 1947, in Milan, Tennessee, U.S.

Her father was also a teacher. With two brothers and a sister, Jean Rosenberg Feldman is the youngest of three siblings. Her husband’s name is John. Holly is her daughter, and Nick is her son.

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