Elvis Eduardo Cordero is a well-known youngster. He is the lovely son of Amanda Kloots, a famous TV personality, brilliant dancer, and fitness instructor and her beloved husband, Nick Cordero.

Kloots is also well-known for his role as a co-host of ” The Talk ” daytime chat show. Amanda’s husband Nick died on July 5, 2020, while he was suffering and having treatment for Coronavirus.

Parents of Eduardo Cordero, Kloots and Cordero

Eduardo Cordero is the only son of Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero. After dating for a long time, the pair happily sealed the knot in 2017.

The beautiful couple had their first child Elvis in June 2019 after a two-year fruitful marriage. Elvis’ father, unfortunately, passed away in July 2020 after a long struggle with Covid-19.

Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero on some random restaurant for dinner
Photo Source: Instagram @amandakloots

Nick was a well-known Canadian actor who people most recognized for his roles on Inside Game. Nick was diagnosed initially with Coronavirus in 2020, at the start of the pandemic. Even after a 95-day hospital stay, he was unable to live.

The Reason Behind The Name of Amanda And Nick’s Child

My mum loved the name,” the fitness instructor explained, revealing how she came up with the name early in her pregnancy. Elvis Cordero was the first name that came to her when she thought about her son’s name.

Amanda, Nick, and Elvis are three friends. ‘This is his name,’ the co-host said. And she enjoyed the antique, classic name that no one had ever heard of. Kloots commented that at least she didn’t name her son Lotion or something ridiculous.

Moreover, the co-host of The Talk added that Nick fought her about naming their child. Finally, he said, ‘I knew you were right the whole time.’ He wants to battle her over it because he wants her to fight for it.

Death of Elvis’s Father

According to the celebrity child’s mother, Nick Cordero, his father died on Sunday, July 5, 2020, at Cedars-Sinai Hospital after being hospitalized for more than three months. In April 2020, he tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Elvis Eduardo Cordero and Nick Cordero
Elvis Eduardo Cordero slept with his dad, Nick Cordero, while he was admitted to the hospital.
Photo Source: Instagram @amandakloots

Cordero was in serious condition and had many operations, including mini-strokes, blood clots, sepsis infections, and tracheostomy. Because of complications with the Novel coronavirus, he had surgery to amputate his right leg on April 18.

How Much Elvis Eduardo Cordero Has Net Worth?

Elvis is a two-year-old child. Amanda, her mother, is the only one who can supervise him. Elvis is a fortunate child born into such a stable home.

The fitness trainer is a devoted mother who will not compromise Elvis’ future. Furthermore, Amanda, hopefully, would do everything in her power to ensure Elvis’ happiness.

Amanda Kloots, Elvis’ mother, is estimated to be worth roughly $1 million. The celebrity mother has amassed a sizable fortune throughout her successful career as an actress and fitness trainer. Furthermore, she is currently living a luxury lifestyle with her kid.

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