Erica Durance is a popular Canadian actress. She rose to her prominence for her performances as Lois Lane in Smallville and Dr. Alex Reid in Saving Hope on television.

Every Smallville fan is enamored with the character of Lois. Nonetheless, she was selected for the Gemini Awards for the Lifetime film I Me Wed. But that’s not it if we dig behind the reel life of the Canadian actress, which details we have presented below,

Clearing Erica Durance & Tom Welling Rumors

If you have been a fan of Erica then you might definitely know about the swirling gossip about Erica with her Smallville co-star Tom Welling. However, the two never made it official and fans were just left wondering if there was anything in between.

Tom and Erica dated in a low-key profile. (Image Source: ET)

Fans were so enthusiastic to know about Erica & Tom’s relationship that it was even a subject of interest on many Sub-Reddit pages. And according to one Reddit discussion, there are talks that Erica and Tom had an affair that ended pretty badly.

As per sources, they dated back in 2010 and a conversation between Erica and Tom was leaked where Tom was heard of asking Erica if she would like to go back to his room during their stay for the San Diego Comic-Con.

However, both the party has denied the claim and Tom even shared that he would never date any of his co-stars. People also asked about the relationship of popular Canadian star Kevin McGarry.

First Marriage of Erica Durance

Alura Zor-el from Supergirl is private when it comes to her personal life. However, she tied the knot to Wesley Parker in 1996. But their romance lasted for only three years before they split. Also, know about Ainsley Earhardt.

David Jr with her mother Erica Image: Instagram

They had a child David Palffy Jr. but nothing more is public about Parker’s personal life. In fact, she adopted Wesley’s surname as her new surname when married to him, although she is still credited as Erica Parker in several of her early works.

Canadian Actress Erica Is Happy In Her Second Marriage

She met and married Canadian actor, writer, and director David Palffy in 2005. Durance announced her pregnancy with the couple’s first child in September 2014, and she gave birth to a son in February 2015.

Canadian actress with her husband David.
Image: Instagram

In June 2016, Durance revealed that she was expecting her second child. Her second son was born in December of 2016 and a stepson from her husband’s previous marriage. Durance lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her spouse David.

Net Worth of Supergirl Star Erica Durance

Lois Lane from the TV series Smallville is famous across the world for her dedication and hard work. Although her compensation is not public, it’s assumed to be in the millions of dollars.

Saturn Award winner Erica Image: Instagram

According to Talent, in Canada, the average actor income is $27,300 per year or $14 per hour. Entry-level jobs start at $22,566 per year, with the highest-paid individuals earning up to $70,464 per year.

This is due to the fact the actresses like her make anything from $150k to $1 million for each film or episode. Saturn Award winner for Best Actress net worth is around $4.5 million.

Career, Roles, Awards of Canadian Star Erica

Durance’s career began as a background actress before moving on to commercials and guest appearances. Moreover, in the film The Untold, Durance makes her feature film debut in 2002. She appeared as a guest on The Chris Isaak Show, a comedy, and The Collector, a horror series.

Lios Lane and superman statue Image: Instagram

Durance’s role in Tru Calling, starring Eliza Dushku, competed in a beauty competition. On the SyFy Channel, she portrayed an interplanetary librarian in Andromeda and a love interest for Teal’c in Stargate SG-1.

Moreover, she got nominated for a Gemini Award for the Lifetime film I Me Wed 2007. She played Maid Marian in Beyond Sherwood Forest (2009) and was an Aerial Silk artist in the circus in Sophie and Sheba (2010).

Erica Durance Charity Work

The wife of David has worked for World Vision Canada, raising funds to aid families and communities affected by poverty and injustice. The Canadian actress has also volunteered her time at the Wizard World Chicago conference to help with the art auction.

Furthermore, she raised money for the Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund. Sam Loeb is the son of Smallville producer Jeph Loeb bur sadly died of bone cancer at just 17 years old.

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