Erin Manning, a figure often shrouded in the shadows of her husband’s spotlight, captivates curiosity with her enigmatic presence. As the wife of renowned sports TV personality Max Kellerman, Erin’s story remains a tantalizing mystery to many.

While the public gaze fixates on her husband’s on-screen charisma, Erin’s life unfolds in quieter, unseen moments, veiled from the flashing lights of fame. Her deliberate retreat from the public eye sparks intrigue, inviting speculation about her passions, endeavors, and the facets that shape her world beyond the glitz of sports media.

Amid her husband’s bustling career, Erin Manning embodies a compelling enigma, prompting the question: who is the woman behind the revered figure of Max Kellerman?

Erin Manning Wiki/Bio: Age, Early Life

Erin Manning, known as Max Kellerman’s wife, is rumored to be in her mid-forties. Some say she was born between 1974 and 1978, but the exact age remains a mystery. She has a sister, though details are yet public.

Talking about college, Erin went to Hunter College High School and then headed to Fordham University, where she supposedly got a law degree.

However, there’s not a lot of info out there about her parents, siblings, and early life. Erin prefers staying out of the limelight, so details about her life before marrying Max are pretty hazy. Still, people are curious about the lady behind the famous sports personality.

Max Kellerman and His Wife Erin Manning are Married Since 1994

Erin Manning Kellerman and Max Kellerman have a romantic tale that reportedly began during their time at Hunter College High School. They solidified their commitment and walked down the aisle in 1994, marking over three decades of togetherness.

But here’s the twist: they’re the ultimate champions of privacy! These two are like the guardians of their love story fortress, especially when it comes to their wedding date. It’s as if they’ve hidden it in a treasure chest buried deep underground!

They’ve managed to keep the finer details of their relationship completely under wraps, leaving everyone in a haze of mystery about their courtship and the big day. Picture this: a love saga shrouded in secrecy, a romantic enigma waiting to be unraveled! It’s like trying to solve an intricate puzzle without any clues.

So, when it comes to the history of their romance, it’s a locked treasure trove, leaving us all yearning to unveil the hidden chapters of their love story!

Erin Is the Mother of Three Daughters

Erin Manning Kellerman and Max Kellerman have three daughters. The oldest, Esther, was born on November 6, 2008. Then, in 2012, they welcomed their second daughter, Sam. People say she’s named after Max’s brother who had a tragic end a while back.

Max Kellerman with his two daughters.
Max Kellerman with his two daughters. Source: Pinterest

Finally, their third daughter, Mira, came along in 2015. Their family seems super tight-knit, but Max and Erin keep things under wraps, so there might not be much more info out there about their girls.

Who Is Her Famous Husband, Max Kellerman?

Max Kellerman is a prominent American sports television personality, best known for his roles as a boxing commentator and sports analyst. He gained fame through his work as a co-host on ESPN’s talk show “First Take” alongside Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim.

Max Kellerman on "First Take" alongside Molly Qerim.
Max Kellerman on “First Take” alongside Molly Qerim. Source: Instagram/@max_kellerman

Max has a deep involvement in the boxing world, having been a commentator for various boxing events, including HBO’s “World Championship Boxing” and “Boxing After Dark.”

He’s hosted several sports-related programs like “Max and Marcellus Show,” “Around the Horn,” and “SportsNation.” Kellerman’s articulate analysis, engaging commentary, and in-depth knowledge of sports have made him a respected figure in the realm of sports media.

Career: Erin Manning Is a Lawyer

So, after finishing law school, Erin Manning Kellerman got into practicing law. Likewise, she has been working with the Federal Defenders of New York Inc.

Erin Manning is a professional lawyer.
Erin Manning is a professional lawyer. Source: Pinterest

Erin is a big supporter of organizations helping women and kids, but the details about her work or what she’s up to aren’t all over the place. She’s pretty low-key, so not much is out there about her career or the causes she’s into.

Net Worth & Salary: How Rich Is She?

Information about Erin Manning Kellerman’s net worth isn’t widely available or publicized. However, her husband, Max Kellerman, has a net worth of around $6 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

The exact details of his salary aren’t disclosed, though according to the Sun, he earns approximately $1 million annually from his role at ESPN. Max Kellerman also invested in real estate, purchasing a home in East Hampton, New York, back in 2004 for $1.495 million.

Over time, the value of the property has appreciated significantly and is currently estimated to be worth around $3.5 million, with occasional rental offerings reaching $35,000 per month. Similarly, know the net worth of another sports reporter Larra Overton.

Is Erin Manning Active on Social Media?

Erin Manning Kellerman does not have an Instagram account, but she is reportedly active on Twitter under the handle @ErinMKellerman. However, she maintains a relatively private presence on social media and doesn’t seem to be active on other platforms like Facebook.

There aren’t many public photos of her available online apart from a few that her husband, Max Kellerman, has shared.

Height and Weight

Erin Manning Kellerman, Max Kellerman’s wife, is apparently in her 40s but still keeps a slim and fit figure, even with being a mom of three.

According to some info, her height is around 5 feet and 6 inches. So, she’s keeping it healthy and all while staying kind of low-key about the details.

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