In the glitzy universe of entertainment, every superstar often has a partner working behind the scenes. Marshall Trenkmann, best known as the husband of the talented actress Karla Souza, exists in this intriguing backdrop.

His wife Karla is an actress recognized for her role as Laurel Castillo in the TV series “How to Get Away with Murder.” Trenkmann is an  American banker, and his association with Souza has brought some attention to their relationship.

Through their story, we catch a glimpse of a guy who’s somehow connected to the spotlight while also delving into the complicated world of money matters.

Marshall Trenkmann Wiki/Bio: Age, Siblings, Parents, Nationality

Marshall Trenkman was born on July 19, 1981, in Texas, USA, which makes him 43 years old in 2024.

He’s a bit of a mystery guy, keeping his personal life under wraps. It was a surprise to many when his wife spilled the beans about his brother having schizophrenia during an episode of the Red Table Talk show.

Sharing something so personal on a big show like that takes a lot of courage. It’s a reminder that everyone’s dealing with real stuff behind the scenes, even people in the spotlight.


Marshall Trenkmann was dead serious about his ambition to dive into the world of banking right from the start. He made sure to gear up with all the education chops before plunging into the corporate hustle.

He kicked off his journey by snagging a degree from Texas A&M University, scoring a BA like a pro. But wait, he didn’t stop there! Marshall doubled down on his education game and went back for a Master’s degree, earning it at the same university with an MA.

But here’s the cool twist: Marshall wasn’t just all about numbers and finances. Nope, he had this zest for learning about different cultures too. That’s why, during his university days, he dabbled in studying Spanish and soaking up the vibrant vibes of Latin American cultures. Guess he was all about broadening those horizons!

How Did Karla Souza Meet Her Husband Marshall Trenkmann?

The love story between Trenkmann and Souza supposedly began at a mutual friend’s bash in Mexico. It was one of those fate-filled moments where they collided and hit it off right away, feeling that spark from the get-go.

As they got to know each other, friendship blossomed into something more. They discovered they had a ton in common and before long, they took the leap into dating. Here’s where it gets deeper: Turns out, both of them had someone in their family dealing with mental health issues.

Sharing this common ground about their families’ struggles played a huge role in tightening their bond. It’s like they found an even stronger connection through understanding and supporting each other’s challenges.

A Look Into Their Marriage Details

Marshall Trenkmann, the credit risk director at JP Morgan, popped the big question to his long-time girlfriend Karla in December 2013, and boy, was he over the moon when she said yes!

Karla Souza and her husband Marshall Trenkmann at their wedding ceremony.
Karla Souza and her husband Marshall Trenkmann at their wedding ceremony. Source: Instagram/@karlasouza

Once the “yes” was in the bag, it was full steam ahead into wedding planning mode for the lovebirds. They didn’t waste any time and tied the knot just five months after getting engaged, saying their “I dos” in May 2014.

The nuptials reportedly took place at the intimate setting of Hotel Hacienda Vista Hermosa, marking the start of their journey as a married couple.

How Many Children Does Marshall and Karla Have?

Marshall and Karla are like this unstoppable team, always there for each other and making their marriage stronger every day.

They’ve got two adorable kiddos together. When they were expecting their first baby, they kept it all hush-hush. But then, surprise! They announced the arrival of their daughter, Gianna Trenkmann, in April 2018. Talk about a sneaky surprise!

Karla Souza and Marshall Trenkmann with their two kids.
Karla Souza and Marshall Trenkmann with their two kids. Source: Instagram/@karlasouza

And that’s not all—later on, they completed their crew by welcoming their son, Lika Trenkmann, on June 12, 2020. The whole thing was so special that People magazine even did a special edition with cool pics of the baby and shared their story.

Moreover, recently in November 2023, the actress revealed the duo is expecting a baby number 3. She announced the news on her Instagram and on Vogue Mexico’s magazine.

She said,

I want to share that I’m pregnant. In my previous two pregnancies, I chose to hide it. The reason ? On the one hand, due to internal struggles against beauty standards; and on the other, the reality of my industry; one that, on many occasions, doesn’t want to give pregnant women a job.”

Sounds like their family’s filled with so much love!

Marshall Trenkmann’s Banking Career

Marshall’s banking journey has been quite an adventure. His first big break came at CIB LATAM, a top financial institute in Mexico, where he took charge of their credit team. Talk about starting strong! He stepped out of his comfort zone and moved to Mexico for the job, and boy, was it a game-changer.

His time in Mexico wasn’t just about work; it was also where he crossed paths with his future wife, Karla Souza. Yup, life has a way of bringing surprises in unexpected places!

After his successful run in Mexico, he boomeranged back to Texas. Marshall snagged a role at the Houston CIB Oil and Gas Credit team, bringing his rich experience from Mexico to the Lone Star State. And you know what? He played a major role in the company’s success, making his mark back in his hometown.

He Currently Works at JP Morgan

Marshall Trenkmann and his wife, Karla, made a home in Los Angeles, California, where Karla’s career in Hollywood thrives. While it’s not entirely clear why they chose California, it seems to align with Karla’s professional landscape.

Reportedly, Marshall’s professional journey led him to JP Morgan, where he took on the role of Credit Risk Director. LinkedIn indicates that he’s been managing the CCB West Diversified Portfolio, showcasing his prowess in handling diverse financial portfolios.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Marshall Trenkmann?

Ever since Marshall Trenkmann made his mark in the banking world, he’s solidified his position as a well-known figure in corporate circles. Estimated at approximately $5 million, his net worth reflects his successful career trajectory.

With previous roles at major firms like CIB Group and presently at JP Morgan, Trenkmann’s financial standing isn’t a surprise, given his extensive experience in the industry.

His wife, actress Karla Souza, has also carved her path to success. Through her film and television ventures, her net worth reportedly stands at around $2 million. It’s evident that both have found significant professional prosperity in their respective fields.

His Wife, Karla Souza Is a Successful Mexican Actress

Karla Souza is an acclaimed actress recognized for her remarkable performances in Hollywood. Her notable roles span across various productions, notably starring in the hit series “How to Get Away with Murder,” created by Peter Nowalk.

Her repertoire includes significant works like “The Noble Family,” “Don’t Blame The Kid,” and more recently, “Day Shift.”

Karla Souza is a famous Mexican actress.
Karla Souza is a famous Mexican actress. Source: Instagram/@karlasouza

Her talent has been widely acknowledged, earning her numerous awards and accolades throughout her career. Souza’s exceptional portrayal as Laurel Castillo in “How to Get Away with Murder” even secured her a nomination for the esteemed ”Imagen Foundation Awards” in 2018, in the category of ”Best Supporting Actress – Television.”

Her contributions to the entertainment industry continue to be celebrated and recognized.

Marshall Trenkmann’s Theatrical Affinity

So, here’s the scoop: Marshall Trenkmann might just have a soft spot for theaters. See, his wife’s all about acting, and that might’ve rubbed off on him. Rumor has it that he’s actually part of the Centre Theater Group as a board member.

This group’s a big deal in LA, giving a shot to budding theater talents—it’s like a huge deal in the theater world!

And get this—word on the street is that Marshall’s eyeing the movie scene, aiming to step into the producer’s shoes. And guess what? His wife’s totally on board with this plan! Seems like they’re both cooking up some exciting stuff in the entertainment world!

Social Media Presence

Karla Souza, Marshall’s wife, is pretty active on social media platforms like Instagram (@karlasouza), sharing snippets of her life with her fans, Marshall opts for a different approach. He prefers steering clear of all social media channels like Sherrill Sajak and Cory Brusseau.

Unlike the digital spotlight embraced by his wife, Marshall leans toward privacy, choosing to keep his personal life within the confines of his family rather than broadcasting it to the world through social media platforms.

Height and Weight

Marshall Trenkmann’s height is around 5 feet 8 inches tall and tips the scales at about 60 kilograms.

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