Miranda Rijnsburger, a Dutch model known for her timeless elegance, hails from the charming town of Breda in the Netherlands. Born in 1965, her journey in the world of fashion began early, capturing attention with her grace and style.

However, it was her love story with the renowned Spanish singer, Julio Iglesias, that truly brought her into the global spotlight. Their marriage in 2010 was the culmination of a long romance that resonated beyond their celebrity status, influencing music, art, and charity.

Miranda’s poised demeanor and dedication to family showcase a life that intertwines glamour with heartfelt commitments. Her story shimmers with the allure of fame while remaining grounded in the values of love and family.

Where Is Miranda Rijnsburger From?: Age, Wiki, Early Life

Miranda Rijnsburger’s roots trace back to Leimuiden, Netherlands, where she was born on October 5, 1965, to her parents Wim and Paula Rijnsburger. Growing up with her younger sister Anita, Miranda’s childhood unfolded on a houseboat in this small town.

Her educational journey led her to an institution in Alphen aan den Rijn after completing elementary school. Miranda’s dedication to education was evident as she undertook an 11-kilometer cycle to attend school.

Following high school, she pursued an executive secretarial course, a stepping stone that later landed her a job at a computer company.

Tragically, on April 7, 2020, Miranda experienced the loss of her mother after a prolonged battle with illness. This event undoubtedly marked a poignant moment for Miranda and her family, impacting her deeply.

How Did Julio Iglesias Meet His Wife Miranda?

Miranda Rijnsburger and Julio Iglesias’ love story began in 1990, a poignant time for Miranda as she coped with the loss of her father. At just 24, working as a model in Indonesia, fate intervened when she crossed paths with the 46-year-old Spanish singer at an airport.

Julio Iglesias and his wife Miranda Rijnsburger have been together for over three decades.
Julio Iglesias and his wife Miranda Rijnsburger have been together for over three decades. Source: Instagram/@julioiglesias

Despite their age gap, sparks flew between them. Their whirlwind romance led Miranda to move into Julio’s villa in Indian Creek, Miami, merely six months after their chance encounter, marking the start of their life together.

Their connection, bridging continents and cultures, blossomed into a deep and enduring partnership.

Wedding Details: When Did They Get Married?

Miranda Rijnsburger and Julio Iglesias culminated their nearly two-decade-long romance with a private wedding ceremony in 2010. The picturesque Virgen Del Carmen Church in Marbella, nestled in the vibrant landscape of southern Spain, bore witness to their union.

Among the intimate gathering were the couple’s five children, along with two trusted witnesses who also served as guardians of the family’s wealth.

The wedding shrouded in privacy, symbolized the commitment and bond shared by Miranda and Julio, sealing their enduring love in the tranquil ambiance of this jet-set resort city.

How Many Children Does Julio Have With Miranda?

Miranda Rijnsburger and Julio Iglesias share a beautiful family, welcoming their first son, Miguel Alejandro, in 1997. Their family continued to grow with the arrival of Rodrigo in 1999 and twins Victoria and Cristina in 2001.

Miranda Rijnsburger and Julio Iglesias with their five children.
Miranda Rijnsburger and Julio Iglesias with their five children. Source: Instagram/@julioiglesias

In 2007, they joyfully welcomed another son, Guillermo, adding more love to their household. Julio Iglesias has children from his previous marriage to Isabel Preysler. His first wife bore him three children: Chabeli, Julio Jr., and Enrique.

Chabeli has established herself as a Spanish journalist and socialite, while two of Julio’s sons from his marriage with the Filipina socialite have pursued careers as singers, carrying on the family’s musical legacy.

Julio Iglesias Is Married Before

Julio Iglesias’s first marriage to Isabel Preysler began on January 29, 1971. Isabel, a Filipina television host, hailed from the affluent and aristocratic Perez de Tagle family.

However, their union faced challenges which ultimately led to divorce in 1979. The Catholic Church later annulled their marriage in 1980, marking the official dissolution of their relationship.

Short Info On Her Husband, Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias is a legendary Spanish singer, born in 1943 in Madrid, Spain. He’s like, super well-known for singing romantic songs that make everyone swoon.

Julio Iglesias when he was young.
Julio Iglesias when he was young. Source: Instagram/@julioiglesias

You’ve probably heard his mega-hits like “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before,” where he sings with Willie Nelson, and other cool tunes like “Begin the Beguine,” “Hey,” “Me Olvide De Vivir,” and “La Carretera.”

Julio has sold more than 300 million records globally, which is crazy impressive! Julio’s won a bunch of Grammy Awards and set records that even made it into the Guinness World Records. His music’s iconic, and he’s a huge deal in the music world, making him a total legend!

What Does She Do For a Living?

Miranda Rijnsburger’s involvement in business ventures alongside her husband extends to their ownership of the company managing Androselmo SL and Bellevue Costa del Sol SA properties.

Miranda, identified as the sole shareholder, takes an active administrative role within Bellevue Costa Sol SA, which operates from its headquarters in Madrid.

Julio Iglesias and his wife Miranda Rijnsburger have a 23-year age gap.
Julio Iglesias and his wife Miranda Rijnsburger have a 23-year age gap. Source: Instagram/@julioiglesias

Additionally, Miranda has a personal investment in Dos Lunas, her farm located in Ojen, where she reportedly dedicates considerable time whenever she’s in town. Also, know the career details of other celebrity spouses like Yessica Kumala and Tomeka Thiam.

Modeling Career of Miranda Rijnsburger

Miranda Rijnsburger’s journey into modeling had an unexpected beginning. After the heartbreaking loss of her father, she took a vacation to find solace.

It was during her time on the serene Island of Saint Lucia that a Canadian photographer spotted her and encouraged her to pose for a swimwear catalog. His persistence led Miranda to consider a career change.

Deciding to take a leap of faith, she left her job at a headhunting company in Holland and ventured to Canada to explore modeling. Despite the Canadian photographer’s encouragement, Miranda’s tenure in the modeling world was relatively brief.

In an interview, she disclosed that her modeling career spanned only a year, a short yet significant chapter in her life’s journey.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Miranda Rijnsburger, a 59-year-old from Leimuiden, oversees companies reportedly valued at $5 million. While her net worth isn’t specified, her husband, the 81-year-old Spanish singer Julio Iglesias net worth is $600 million as of 2024.

Julio’s wealth, built over a career spanning four decades, includes a vast real estate portfolio worth around $200-$300 million worldwide. He’s also the owner of multiple hotels in the Dominican Republic, contributing significantly to his impressive fortune.

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