Quick Facts of Gabriela Bee

  • Full NameGabriela Bee
  • Net Worth600000
  • Date of Birth09 September, 2006
  • BirthplaceOntario, Canada
  • ProfessionInternet Personality
  • Nationality Canadian
  • Height164
  • Weight52

Gabriela Bee originally Gabriela Umika Burgos is a famous social media star who is one of the members of the Eh Bee family. The Eh Bee Family are Canadian social media personalities who are best known for their YouTube, Vine, and Instagram accounts. Gabriela is also known as “Miss Bee” and formerly as “Miss Monkey.”

The I’ll Be There hitmaker was born on September 9, 2006, in Canada. She was born to parents, Andres Burgos (father) and Rossana Burgos (mother). Her father is also known as “Papa Bee,” while her mom is known as “Mama Bee.” Gabriela has one older brother named, Roberto Burgos also known as “Mr. Bee.”


Who is Gabriela Bee Dating?

As of 2021, Gabriela Bee is not dating anyone and is single at the moment. Thu she has few pictures with a brother known from alias name Mr. Bee.

Living a single life
Image Source: Instagram

And if in the slightest possibility, the actress is confidential when it comes to her details about the relationship, or she is focusing to shape up her career. But find the relationship of Anna Devlin.

Know About Eh Bee Family, Brother

As mentioned, the Eh Bee family are the internet personalities who first started gaining wide followers through their hilarious videos. They began posting vines videos in January 2013 and instantly became popular among the fans. The family, which consists of four members, resides in Ontario, Canada.

Image: The Eh Bee Family first gained popularity with its vine videos in 2013.
Source: [email protected]

The head of the family, Andres Burgos (Papa Bee), previously worked in marketing and web development. He is 42-years old and was born in Chile. Similarly, Rossana (Mama Bee) is 40 years old, and she was born in Uruguay.

Gabriela’s brother, Roberto (Mr. Bee), also known as Mr. Monkey, is 15 years old. Further, the Eh bee family won the 2015 Armstrong Vine Award Grand prize. The Eh Bee family is mostly known for its entertaining content, which inspires people to have fun with their families.

As of July 2020, The Bee Family self-titled YouTube channel has nearly 9 million subscribers. Similarly, their Instagram and Facebook page has 1.8 million and 10.7 million followers, respectively.

Gabriela Bee Tik Tok & YouTube

Aged 13, Miss Bee has already become very popular on social media. Her official TikTok account has over 5 million followers. Likewise, Miss Bee’s self-titled YouTube account has 1.52 million subscribers.


At a young age, Gabriela has managed to taste a part of success. She is also a musical artist who has covered songs on her channel. On her free time, Bee likes to do crazy fun things with her family members.

How Much is Gabriela Bee Net Worth?

Gabriela Bee has an estimated net worth of $600,000, while the Eh Bee Family has a net worth of $6 million as of 2020. Their primary source of income comes from social media. As of now, the family has garnered 2.5 billion views on their videos so far. As per the YouTube policy, the family generates an average of $3,000 per day from their videos.

Image: The Eh Bee Family has a net worth of $6 million as of 2020.
Source: [email protected]

The Eh Bee family also earns additional earnings from sponsorships and brand promotions. Most notably, they have appeared in sponsored advertisements for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, and Regal Cinemas. Additionally, Gabriela has merchandise where she mostly sells hoodies, whose price ranges from $22$45.

Additionally, the family frequently makes appearances on media outlets. They have been featured in New York Daily News, Buzzfeed, Good Morning America, and Today. Therefore, there is no doubt the family lives a lavish lifestyle.

When they are not working, the family often enjoys vacations in exotic places. They have a beautiful home in Ontario. Merrell Twins, another famous YouTube star duo, has a net worth of $500,000.

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