Hannah Barron, a social network influencer and Instagram model, is known for uploading hunting, fishing, and adventure photographs on her Instagram account.

In addition, she is well-known for maintaining a YouTube channel under her name, Hannah Brown. She was born on July 3, 1996.

Hunter Norton is also a professional hunter. On the other hand, Hannah and Ryan share a mutual love of hunting. He likes being outside, hunting and fishing, and exploring nature.

As a professional hunter, Norton gets more offers from forest departments to take care of the jungle and hunt animals.

Barron and Hunter Norton are former couples engaged in December 2018.

Professional Life and a Net worth of a Former Couple

Hannah Barron, the online celebrity, has a net wealth of $1.5 million. Her real income is also generated from her work as a social media influencer.

Hannah has also made money via her Instagram account and YouTube channel. The celebrity was born and raised in Alabama.

As a youngster, she often accompanied her father on hunting expeditions and other outdoor activities.

By the age of four, she had identified the local snakes; by the age of eight, she had already killed her first deer. She was a skilled hunter as she used to catch the fish so quickly.

Her primary source of income is an Instagram account. She also uses her Instagram account, which has around 640k followers, to promote various products daily.

Her followers are widely known for her hunting, fishing, and other sports skills.

Talking about Hunter Horton is a Wildlife Adventist and experienced hunter. His passion for hunting grew as he spent more time outside and traveled around the nation.

He ultimately went out with his neighbors and caught a catfish with his bare hands, and he hasn’t stopped since.

He has a net worth of $1 million from his hunting career.

Former couples supporting each other in their Profession

The former team helped each other in their professional life and career as they were in the same Profession. Horton has known the Instagram celebrity for quite some time.

According to their Instagram images, the pair started dating in 2016 and looked in love.

Horton even wished her on Valentine’s Day in 2017. Furthermore, she took to Instagram to wish him a happy birthday on his birthday in 2018. A year later, he proposed to her.

Soon after the social media celebrity said yes, they moved in together. The engaged pair shared a house for a while.

The former couple was enjoying their relationship life happily. They used to go hunting together, visit natural places, and spend time together.

The pair used to share talks about nature, wildlife reserves, national parks, and animals. Everyone admires the couple as they are perfect for each other. Also read: Maxine Cunliffe

Furthermore, the relationship didn’t last long due to misunderstandings, and the couple split. But the relationship became life long memory for them as they enjoyed it a lot.

In their interviews, they still mentioned how supportive they were in each life and Profession.

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