Social media platforms are becoming a way to showcase your ideas and skills. Many talented social media users now gain popularity from their content. Like others, Sonya Mulkeet is also the one. Mulkeet with Indian roots is famous all over Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Sonya creates inspirational video content and uploads it on her official Instagram account. Now, let’s know more about Sonya’s net worth, earnings, and love life in the following sections.

Sonya Mulkeet Estimated Net Worth

The internet personality Sonya is a Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore graduate. She received a BA degree in Public Policy and Global Affairs. The detailed information regarding Mulkeet’s net worth is lacking. But, as per estimation, she has $500 thousand net worth.

Image: The internet personality Sonya Mulkeet has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand
Source: Instagram @sonya_mulkeet

While studying at NTU, Sonya worked as a Communication Coach at LCC Communications Cube. For more than a year, Mulkeet worked as an English and Literature Teacher at Singapore’s The Academic Workshop. As per Glassdoor, the average salary of teachers in Singapore is $2600 (SGD 3,500) per month.

Likewise, Sonya’s Linkedin profile suggests she also worked as a consultant at Ambition and Ethos Beath Chapman (EBC). Sonya might have received an impressive sum of wealth from several professional works.

The Member Of Project Nightfall

You might have seen Project Nightfall‘s videos on your social sites. It is a popular online site that shares interesting educational, informational videos. Sonya is part of that social media channel where she has been working since October 2020 as “Right Hand and Heart of Operations.

Photo: Sonya Mulkeet with Project Nightfall creative director, founder Agon Hare (her boyfriend)
Source: Instagram @sonya_mulkeet

Project Nightfall is also an organization operated by Sonya, her boyfriend Agon Hare, and the team. This worldwide influencing channel has 11 million and 1 million followers on Facebook and Instagram. Similarly, their Youtube channel amass 1.64 million subscribers as of February 15, 2022.

Their Youtube channel earns $10.4 thousand –  $166.6 thousand per month per social blade. Likewise, the channel makes $125 thousand –  $2 million per year. Additionally, Sonya features in the videos of Project Nightfall.

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