Jessica Tarlov works for Fox News as a contributor. Jessica has been in her present position since 2017, and she provides political insight and analysis. Tarlov is also the Vice President of Research and Consumer Insight at Bustle and her work at Fox.

Is Jessica Tarlov Married?

Her personal and love lives are undeniably in the attention and center of attention due to her fame. She has opted to keep her career in the spotlight for the time being. Therefore she has not much spoken about her partner or relationship status.

However, she is in a relationship with Roman Kuznetsov. He is famous for being his mysterious boyfriend of Jessica. Roman was raised in Irkutsk, Russia. From her Twitter post on August 10. 2017, she wrote, “Having all the fun, even in Trump’s America! Russian collusion at its finest.”

Jessica Tarlov
Jessica Tarlov With Her boyfriend, Roman Kuznetsov
Image: Twitter

This proves that she’s not single and lives happily with this Russian guy. From thorough speculation, she may have started dating Kuznetsov in 2017.

Net Worth Of Jessica Tarlov

Working as a contributor for the Fox News Channel, her net worth is around $1 million. Jessica is private when it comes to her living, personal lifestyle. Speaking of fortune, Tarlov’s boyfriend is around $1 million. However, the exact amount of income of this athlete is under review. Jessica’s net worth is similar to Susan El Khoury‘s.

Jessica Tarlov
Jessica Tarlov
Image: Twitter

According to Hollywood Reporter, the salaries of on-air contributors remain a secret throughout cable news, varying by network and market demand for the contributor’s skill. According to Fox News, wages for the eight Trump workers required to reveal their salary varied from a low of $31,336 in New York to an average of $141,000.

Early life Of Jessica Tarlov

Tarlov began her professional career in 2007 as a Project Manager at Merrill Lynch. Tarlov focused on different EU-related activities and represented her firm at conferences relevant to EU directives.

Due to the nature of her job, she frequently traveled to events in Brussels, Belgium, and Paris, France. Jessica worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at her former school and the London School of Economics and Political Science for a year.

Jessica Tarlov
Fox Analysts Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov, and Judge Napolitano
dining together Image: Twitter

Tarlov’s first significant U.S.-based employment was as a political strategist at Douglas Sean LLC, where he worked for five years. They have existed since 2008 and are based in New York City. As a liberal pundit on FOX and other major networks, he has been on several occasions since. Her responsibilities also include overseeing Doug Sean‘s books and opinion publishers.

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