Shakira Caine is a former Indo-Guyanese actress and model famous in the 60s and 70s. In addition, She is also well-known as a famous English actor’s wife, who won Oscar and British film icon Michael Caine.

Shakira Caine’s Husband Is Michael Caine

Shakira married a popular British actor named Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, aka Sir Michael Caine. Michael was born on March 14, 1933, in south London. However, they married on the year of 1973.

Shakira Caine
Shakira Caine and her husband, Michael Caine
Source: Bright Side

Michael Caine spotted Shakira in a British TV commercial in Maxwell House coffee in 1971. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Shakira. Michael said that Shakira was the most gorgeous girl he had ever met. In fact, he was willing to fly to Brazil to find Shakira to see her. You may also like to read about other famous personalities like Ellen DeGeneres and Jill McClain.

However, he soon found that Shakira also lives in London through his close friend, who owns an advertising business. After that, they met each other, started to date, and finally exchanged their vows on January 8, 1973, in Las Vegas, United States. Today, they have one daughter named Natasha Haleema.

Shakira Caine’s Net Worth

Shakira Caine was a legendary and most successful actress and model. After all, we can assume that she is a rich woman. She has done many super hit movies in her prime such as Some Girls, Toomorrow, Son of Dracula, etc.

Shakira Caine
Shakira Caine in, her young age
Source: IMDb

Her net worth is primarily from the movies she has acted in. Also, she added some amount from brand endorsements and advertising. Nevertheless, her spouse’s net worth is around $80 million as per celebritynetworth. Michael’s numerous acting, author, and producer participation have made him a millionaire.

Now, talking about Shakira’s Net worth as of 2022, Shakira’s net worth is estimated a $1.2 million approximately. In fact, they both are millionaires, and we can guarantee that they are living a peaceful and lavish life in their declining years.

Shakira Caine’s Daughter, Natasha Caine

Natasha Caine had become limelight from the early day when she was born. Since she was born in a house of celebrities, her father is a prominent British actor. On the other hand, her mother is a legendary Guyanese actress and model.

Shakira Caine
Natasha Caine with her father, Michael Caine, and her mother, Shakira Caine
Source: Tuko

Natasha is the youngest kid of Michael Caine. She was born on January 1st, 1973. She is a British citizen but has mixed ethnicity. Moreover, Natasha graduated from the Manchester University of England. As of 2022, she is 49 years old and has one sibling named Dominique Caine.

In 2000, Natasha married the businessman Tim Scott. But, their relationship did not last for long. Again, In 2007, Natasha married Michael Hall, a property developer. But sadly, their love story didn’t go on for long, and they separated in 2013. Natasha and Michael have two sons and one daughter.

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