Johanna Edelburg is brand ambassador of a global fashion brand. Further, the mother of Amari Bailey, a famous basketball player of Sierra Canyon and UCLA.

Johannah Edelburg is Johanna Leia on social media sites. Further, she is a businesswoman and a model. Currently, rumors are going on about the entrepreneur. Let’s find out about her rumors.

Is Johanna Edelburg dating an international rapper?

Johanna was living a single life after her divorce from her husband. But, her life was about to change again. It is said that the rapper and Johanna met during a high school basketball game in 2021.

Johanna’s son was the player for Sierra Canyon, so she cheers her son during his matchup.

International rapper, Drake and Johanna during a basketball match.
International rapper Drake and Johanna during a basketball match. Image Credit: Pinterest

But, who is the rapper who is talking about? Well, you guessed it right, he is Grammy award-winning rapper Drake. Soon after, they were intimated by one another.

Their romance blossemed. Also, rapper booked the Dodger Stadium in LA for a romantic dinner date with Johanna.

They sperated in October 2021. After a few months, the duo went separate ways.

There’s no definite news why did they break up. Anyway, the rapper is already moved on with his life with his new boo. Johanna, too seems to have moved on with her career.

Who is Johanna’s son Amari Bailey?

Johanna is the mother of Amari Bailey, the top-notch basketball player of Sierra Canyon.

Amari was born to Aaron Bailey and Johanna Edelburg on Febrauary 17, 2004, in California.

Furthermore, Amari has six other siblings, namely Aaron, Mike Ashley, Savanna, Alana, and Aaliyah Bailey.

Amari Bailey, son of Johanna
Amari Bailey, son of Johanna. Image Credit: Instagram

The athlete started to play basketball at the age of thirteen. After joining high school, Amari then committed to UCLA. His mother has always supported him and all his matches.

Amari stands at a height of 6 feet 5 inches which help him play the matches. He is playing the game wearing a number 10 jersey in they stadium.

Amari has already won California Mr. Basketball and McDonald’s All-American. As per his ratings, he is a five-star player on his team.

How old is Johanna Edelburg?

Johanna was born on February 19, 1981, in Chicago. Moreover, she will soon celebrate her forty-one birthday in ten days. Edelburg was born and raised in Chicago.

So, Johanna is an American and has mixed ethnicity. Regarding her parent’s details, they are nowhere to be found.

Johanna with her younger daughter for Fashion Nova photoshoot.
Johanna with her younger daughter for Fashion Nova photoshoot. Image Credit: Instagram

She gained popularity from a reality television show Bringing Up Ballers, which describes the day-to-day life of players and their mothers.

Previously, Johanna did modeling for companies like Ford and Wilhelmina. The former reality star is still working in some renowned modeling companies.

Furthermore, Johanna is the face of the fashion brand Fashion Nova. Also, She is a businesswoman.

How rich is the mother of a star player?

The mother of a star player is a private person. She doesn’t like to be open up about lifestyle in the media.

However, she is a model, ambassador and former reality star, which boosts her income.

Johanna wearing a floral short dress carrying a Chanel bag sightseeing from the top.
Johanna wore a short floral dress carrying a Chanel bag sightseeing from the top. Image Credit: Instagram

As a result, the star player mother’s estimated net worth in 2022 is $7 million. Also, the mother pampers herself buying luxury brand bags like Chanel flap bags which costs more than $3,000.

Johanna, further he is investing in a luxury car like Porsche, which costs thousands of dollars.

Likewise, her son is a star player who has already gained popularity and fame early on. His net worth is said to be $3 million. But, it will surely rise in the certain future.

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