Shantinath Sul, aka Just Sul, is an Indian content creator and social media personality. In addition, he posts funny parodies of celebrities and entertains the audience by making funny videos.

Today, his amusing, funny videos on different social media platforms, especially his vast followers on Instagram, have made him widely popular. He won the “Entertainment of the Year Award” during Monaco’s International Influencer’s Award Ceremony in 2018. 

Does Just Sul Have a Wife?

We don’t know much about the relationship of Just Sul. However, we know that he got married at the age of 21. In addition, the star has two children- one son and one daughter- who is studying engineering in India. Both of them are following the profession of their father.

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We are still reviewing his relationship statuses, like the situations with his children and wife. We will update you with Just Sul’s children and spouse’s names.

Besides, Just’s shares several videos on his Instagram. On the occasion of valentine’s day, he shared a video and caption it as Happy Valentine’s Day and he mentioned Vanessa Sierra.

Net Worth Of Just Sul

The net worth of Just Sul is around $1,906,954. In addition, he makes an annual salary of $528,910. From his 6.2 million followers on Instagram, he makes approximately $10,000 per post. At the same time, celebrity like- Aimee Song, with 4.6 million followers, $9,000 per post, and Chiara Ferragni earns $12,000 per post from his 9.7 million followers on Instagram.

Though he flaunts different luxurious cars like- Ferrari Monza SP2($2 million) and Lamborghini Urus($218,009) on his posts, it doesn’t seem his own. However, he loves collecting different brands of cars.

Just Sul in front of his Lamborghini Urus
Just Sul in front of his Lamborghini Urus
Source- Instagram@JustSul

On his birthday, the star flaunted a red Lamborghini Urus making his birthday special which he shared on Instagram. In addition, the principal lives a happy and luxurious life in the United Arab Emirates, taking his passion and career to the next level.

He makes quite a good amount of money from sponsorships and bonuses from social media platforms. We are still reviewing the financial information of Sul and will update you with his other information like- his bank balance, car, and apartment.

Just Sul Bio

Just Sul was born on June 1, 1969, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Today, he is one of the successful stars though he is from a mechanical engineering background.

Almost two decades ago, he moved to Lusaka, Zambia, with work and spent nearly 17 years there. Though he worked as an engineer, Just Sul started to do something different by making funny videos and uploading them on social media.

Just Sul with Ferrari Monza SP2
Just Sul with Ferrari Monza SP2

He first uploaded his funny video on April 24, 2015. In several interviews and talks, he has said that Justin Bieber is his favorite star. Even other celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Kim Kardashian, Akon, and Waka Flocka Flame have shared his videos, making him more popular. Additionally, Just Sul was also featured in XXL magazine.

Social Media Presence Of Just Sul

Sul is active on almost all social media platforms. In fact, he controls 6.2million followers on Instagram and 26.2k followers on Twitter. Moreover, the celebrity star has 5.3 million followers on Facebook and 3.3 million followers on Tiktok, with 32.8 million likes.