Meet Justice Mellencamp: not just the daughter of the legendary singer John Mellencamp, but a successful professional in her own right. As a talented hairdresser, she’s carved her own unique path in the world of beauty. Beyond her thriving career, Justice is a loving wife and mother.

In this article, we’ll delve into the life and achievements of this remarkable woman, exploring her journey, family ties, and more. Discover how she’s managed to shine brightly in her own spotlight, proving that talent and success run deep in the Mellencamp family.

Justice Mellencamp Wiki/Bio- Age, Early Life, Parents

Justice Mellencamp is an American hairdresser, born on August 14, 1985. She is the daughter of the renowned singer John Mellencamp and actress Victoria Granucci. Despite her celebrity lineage, Justice experienced a relatively normal upbringing. She was residing with her mother on Hilton Head Island after her parents’ divorce in 1989.

While her parents achieved fame in the 1980s, Justice pursued her own successful career in the world of hairdressing. Now 38 years old, she has carved out her own identity and career path distinct from her famous family members.


Justice Mellencamp’s educational journey includes attending Sea Pines Montessori for her early schooling and graduating from Hilton Head Preparatory School. She initially enrolled at Indiana University but left after approximately a year, citing the cold climate and distance as factors.

Justice also mentioned transitioning from a small-town private school to a university with 50,000 students. It was a significant cultural adjustment for her during her brief time at Indiana University.

How Many Siblings Does She Have?

Justice Mellencamp is part of a larger family with five siblings. Her older sister, Teddi Mellencamp, is a successful film actress. Additionally, she has three half-siblings: Michelle Mellencamp from her father’s first marriage to Priscilla Esterline.

Likewise, Hud Mellencamp and Speck Mellencamp from her father’s third marriage to Elaine Irwin. Despite the family’s diverse backgrounds, Justice maintains strong and positive relationships with all of her siblings.

Who Is Justice Husband?

Justice Mellencamp is happily married to Michael Moore. They tied the knot on October 4, 2014, in an intimate ceremony held at her father John Mellencamp’s house on Daufuskie Island. The wedding was attended by around 40 guests.

Justice Mellencamp is happily married to Michael Moore.
Justice Mellencamp is happily married to Michael Moore. Source: Instagram

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds, along with their guests, enjoyed a dinner at the Melrose Beach Club. Later, they took a ferry to Harbour Town, where 40 additional guests joined the celebration. The day concluded with a cocktail reception party at the Quarterdeck, with a total of 80-85 guests in attendance.

Justice fondly recalled their wedding day, saying,

“We had a small, intimate wedding with about 40 guests at my dad’s house on Daufuskie. He opened up his home to our closest friends, which was a huge gift. Then we went over to the Melrose Beach Club for dinner. Then we took the Vagabond ferry into Harbour Town where we met 40 more guests; so we had 80 or 85 people at the Quarterdeck. We did a cocktail reception there.”

Her Husband, Michael Moore is a successful Realtor. He is currently associated with the Schembra Real Estate Group. Despite their childhood beginnings, Justice and Michael have grown together and built a life together, with their enduring connection on full display.

Justice Mellencamp and Michael Moore Are Childhood Sweethearts

Justice Mellencamp and her husband, Michael Moore, have known each other since their childhood. They first crossed paths while attending Hilton Head Preparatory School, where Justice spent 12 years of her education. Both Justice and Michael were residents of Hilton Head, with Justice living in Sea Pines on the island.

Justice And Her Husband Michael when they were young.
Justice And Her Husband Michael when they were young. Source: Instagram

Their friendship at school eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship, leading to their marriage. To commemorate their marriage anniversary on October 4, 2020, Justice shared a heartwarming childhood picture of herself and Michael.

She Is The Mother of Three

Justice Mellencamp and her husband, Michael Moore, are proud parents of three children. Justice became a mother for the first time at the age of 22 when she gave birth to her son, Trent. He has since grown up and even obtained his driver’s license in 2021.

Their second child, a daughter named DoDo, was born on May 31, 2016, making her 7 years old as of [current_year].

Justice Mellencamp with her three children.
Justice Mellencamp with her three children. Source: Instagram

The family welcomed their third child, Woods Mellencamp Moore, on May 12, 2021. Woods was born weighing 6 lbs and measuring 19 inches.

Justice, Michael, and their three children enjoy a beautiful life together as a loving family.

She is a Professional Hairdresser

Justice Mellencamp has established herself as a professional hairdresser. Her career trajectory, however, was not without its challenges. Shortly after the birth of her first son, Trent, she found employment at Fifth Avenue Hair Salon. There she served as both a receptionist and a makeup artist for approximately two years.

Likewise, during this period, Justice was the primary breadwinner for her family, with the responsibility of caring for her son.

Reflecting on those times, she noted,

“I didn’t get the four years that most people my age get to figure out what they want to do. But now that I’ve had my son, my priorities are his, and my number one concern is economic.”

As of now, Justice is employed as a hairdresser at Platinum Design, where she has been working since 2012, according to her LinkedIn profile. Her journey as a professional hairdresser showcases her determination and commitment to providing for her family while pursuing her career in the beauty industry.

A Look Into Her Impressive Net Worth

Justice Mellencamp’s exact net worth is not publicly disclosed. However, she comes from a family with significant financial success. Her father, John Mellencamp, has a net worth of over $30 million as of now.

Similarly, her mother, Victoria Granucci, is estimated to have a net worth of around $1 million.

At the same time, Justice’s net worth may not be as substantial as her parents’, she has established her own career as a successful hairdresser, which likely contributes to her financial stability.

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