Suppose you like to watch television news and update yourself on what’s happening around the globe. Well, then, you must be familiar with the TV reporter’s name, Kayna Whitworth. When the whole of America is about to start its new day, its favorite morning show host Kayna Whitworth starts its day with the latest update on the town.

She has been an ABC correspondent for ABC World News Tonight every weekday since 2015. Today in this article, we will learn more about the television anchor’s lifestyle, family, and net worth. Without further delay, let’s begin.

How old is the ABC correspondent, Kayna Whitworth?

From a small city in Colorado’s Aurora, Kayna first took the breath of her life into this world. Further, she was born to Rocky and Mary Whitworth on July 4, 1982. She was born under the star sign of Cancer. Her parents raised her with much love and care and her sister.

Kayna Whitworth fun during Halloween.
Kayna Whitworth fun during Halloween. Source: Instagram

Also, Whitworth has a sister named Kallen Whitworth. The reporter was a bright and excellent student during her early school days. She studied high school at Grandview High School. Later, she enrolled at Colorado State University, graduating in media and communication in 2005. Also read: Charlie Vickers

Likewise, Kayna did attend Arizona State University but on which primary and for how long is unknown. Before her graduation, the reporter worked as an intern at Fox Sports. After completing her studies only, she joined the media house full-time.

Kayna Whitworth Is Married To Her Husband, Rhett Lewis

Kanya Whitworth is living a blissful married life with her husband. But, who is her husband? Rhett Lewis, her longtime boyfriend, is the reporter who tied the knot. Interestingly, both the couple share the same profession of journalism. They met in Boston, Massachusetts, during their work schedule.

Kayna Whitworth fun time with family.
Kayna fun time with her husband and sons. Source: Instagram

Lewis is the sports reporter for WHDH. Soon after, they started to date one another and eventually took their relationship to the next level. On May 15, 2015, they exchanged their vows in the presence of their loved ones and friends in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Moreover, they are now the parents of two handsome boys. Their first son, Conway White, was born on August 23, 2017. Followingly, on April 13, 2019, Kayna and Lewis were blessed with another baby boy, Wylder Whit. They are raising their sons in a loving environment in the sunny city of California.

How did the reporter become a millionaire?

The reporter has worked for nearly a decade in journalism. So far, she has vast experience working with various media houses. However, the reporter mostly gained popularity after joining the ABC Broadcasts newsroom. As soon as she completed her education, she started to work.

Kayna live reporting California's Cease Fire.
Kayna live reporting California’s cease-fire.
Source: Twitter

In the beginning, she joined KTVZ-NPG as a morning anchor for three years. After that, she worked at KBCI-Fisher Broadcasting for two years. Similarly, she worked for two other media outlets before joining ABC. Whitworth joined the news channel in 2015 to present, where she works on nightly world news.

Hence, the leading lady in journalism has accumulated a good fortune in her career. As of 2022, her net worth is $1 million. Also, she is a brave woman who risks her life to go into the risky reporting field. Moreover, she inspires many young women willing to pursue their careers in reporting.

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