Louis DeJoy is an American Businessman serving as the 75th U.S. Postmaster General. He was the founder and CEO of the logistics and freight company New Breed Logistics. Additionally, he was also a major Republican Party donor and fundraiser.

In addition, DeJoy is the first post maker in two decades without prior experience in the United States Postal Service.

Louis DeJoy’s Relationship status

DeJoy is in a married relationship with Aldona Wos. Aldona Wos is a Polish American physician. In fact, she is also the former Ambassador to Estonia during the George.W. Bush Administration. Unfortunately, there is no information available about their marriage date. This seems to have a very long relationship chain between them.

Louis Dejoy with his wife and children
Louis Dejoy with his wife and children.
Source: BirthdayWiki

The couple gave birth to a twin daughter and a son. Their names are Ania and Andrew. They own about two houses, one in the Kalorama neighborhood in Washington, and the other is a 10,900-square-foot mansion in Greensboro, North Carolina, Next to the Greensboro Country Golf Course. They live together and share a very strong bond.

Louis Dejoy’s Net Worth

The approximated net worth of Louis DeJoy is $110 million. DeJoy has been a businessman for decades before his current position. Further, he is an entrepreneur, business executive, real estate investor, and political fundraiser.

Not to mention, he earns a lot of money through his business companies. This American millionaire is also the founder and the CEO of the logistics and freight company New Breed Logistics.

Louis Dejoy enjoying his rich life with his wife
Louis Dejoy enjoying his rich life with his wife. Source: DeJoy Family Foundation

He is being paid for his role as Postmaster General. Moreover. This businessman invests with many companies increases his assets. DeJoy owes two luxurious houses and luxuriously lives his life. He even donated $747,000 to Duke University in 2014. He love’s to spend time with his family and makes every meeting of his special with his family.

More About US Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy

Louis DeJoy was born on June 20, 1957, in New York City, New York. He was born into a well-to-do family. There is no information available on Dejoy’s parents and other family members. We will soon provide you the information on Louis DeJoy’s family. He was raised in New York City.

DeJoy completed his primary level education in New York City. And to pursue his career as a businessman and reach his dreams, he went to Stetson University, located in Florida. He completed his BBA in accounting.

After graduating from understanding from university, he became a certified public accountant licensed to practice in Florida. This was the first step towards his success. He became an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs.

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