Lovely Peaches is a social media influencer. However, she is attached to a bunch of scandals. To put it lightly. Moreover, the controversies regarding the said influencer.

Peaches managed to gain a lot of attention over the years. And not all of them are positive. The young lady stalked other social media influencers and even flashing her private parts to a minor. You can read about her down below.

Who is Lovely Peaches? Name, Age, and Controversies

Lovely Peaches, real name Brittany Johnson, is a social media influencer. Furthermore, she gained fame from her weird videos on TikTok. As for her age, she is in her early 20s. Likewise, she was born in the early 2000s.

Lovely Peaches smiling
Lovely Peaches smiling. Source: Instagram

Johnson holds an American nationality. Likewise, she belongs to the African-American ethnic group. Moreover, she isn’t the only child in the family. She grew up with a sister. Well, at least when she lived with her family. More on that down below. Also Find: Brady Potter

The social media influencer ran away from her home several times. As a matter of fact, she was 15 years old when she ran away for the first time. Similarly, she started running away frequently as time went on. And finally, in her late teens, she moved out of her house.


If you know #SaveCora, then you are familiar with one of her many controversies. The major news that brought the social media star a huge amount of attention. Brittany ranted or described on Instagram Live how she abused her daughter Cora Miracle.

Lovely Peaches Puckering Up
Lovely Peaches Puckering Up. Source: Instagram

At first, many fans joined in on dissing Cora. Thinking that Peaches was only joking/trolling. However, things started getting out of hand as evidence of her mental instability became apparent. Furthermore, the deranged social media influencer started describing how she abused her daughter. Likewise, she also stated how she let older men have sexual intercourse with her daughter.

As things become clear to the public that Johnson did not have custody of her daughter. What’s more, her father actually had the guardianship of Cora. The pictures that she posted of her daughter were reused. She posted the same several photos she took more than once. Now, it is unclear if she went through with the things she said. But, she has mental health problems that much is clear.

Stalking a Fellow TikTok Star

Lovely Peaches hungered for more attention. So, she decided to stalk other more famous influencers on TikTok. Back in March of 2020, she broke into Malu Trevejo‘s house. Furthermore, she live-streamed her break-in on her Instagram.

And later, when Malu confronted her on her Instagram Live, Peaches flashed her private bits. Likewise, after the incident, Johnson cyber stalked Trevejo for a while.

Soon after, Brittany started losing interest in Trevejo. But, she set her sight on Charli D’Amelio. She harassed D’Amelio on social media. Likewise, she also stated she wants to send a man to assault Charli sexually. And D’Amelio is a minor.

Sexually Assaulted

In one of her many live sessions, Peaches opened up about how she was sexaull assaulted. I guess karma is really catching up to her. At the time she worked as a prostitute.

Lovely Peaches; Net Worth and Earnings

Lovely Peaches managed to accumulate a decent amount of wealth. Furthermore, she owns an estimated net worth of $250,000. Likewise, she earned her money as a social media influencer. Similarly, she claims that she worked as a sex worker as well.

Lovely Peaches taking a mirror selfie
Lovely Peaches taking a mirror selfie. Source: Instagram

Johnson used to hold millions of followers. However, she managed to get her account banned from most of the social media sites. As such, she currently holds thousands of followers on her IG and TikTok accounts. So, her annual income is roughly $100,000.

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