Mariah Houghton is a singer best known as the daughter of Four Times Grammy Award-winning Christian Singer Israel Houghton. She is currently the leading worshiper at Lakewood Church and Hope City Houston.

Mariah serves as one of the core leaders of the “New Breed Next” movement founded by her father. Also, she is the founder of an organization called Bella’s Blankets that provides shelter and food for the homeless.

Mariah’s Parents’ Relationship

Mariah’s parents, Isreal and Meleasa, got married back in 1994. The couple went on to have three children. Both Israel and Meleasa were singers; hence their relationship grew stronger with time.

In February 2016, Israel confessed that Israel fathered two sons, Kingston and Khristian, while still married to Meleasa. Everything was going fine until the relationship cooled down, and finally, in 2016, they divorced and moved ahead.

Mariah Parents, Israel and Meleasa at a award function
Mariah Parents, Israel, and Meleasa at an award function 
Source: Grammy Awards

Israel took custody of their kids. Soon after the divorce, her father married another American singer, Adrienne Bailon, on November 11, 2016. 

Mariah Houghton Father Is Israel Houghton

On August 31, 1995, Mariah Houghton was born in Pittsburgh, United States. She grew up with three siblings, Milan, Jordan, and Israel.

As her father was a devoted Christian Singer, Mariah had a significant influence on her, and she attended Lakewood Church, a Christian megachurch founded by Joel Osteen. She had a keen interest in singing in church and eventually led worship for Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

Love Life of Mariah 

Mariah has been married to her long-time boyfriend, Byron Rideau. The couple went on to exchange their vows in 2018. The wedding ceremony was huge and was attended by many families, personal and their friends as p. Her father had expressed her happiness and congratulated her through his post on Instagram.

“My awesome daughter Mariah & my fantastic son-in-law Byron with such words of wisdom beyond their years.”

Mariah and Byron on the day of their wedding holding the hand of each other and dancing
Mariah and Byron, on the day of their wedding, hold the hand of each other and dance
Source: Pinterest 

Byron Rideau is like his wife, a Church Singer who is making his way into the Music Industry. The couple has been living happily. The love bond seems to be increasing today as there have been no rumors from both sides of having any extramarital affairs to date.

Net Worth Of Mariah Houghton

Mariah has an estimated net worth of about $100,000, similar to Ashley Kaufmann. There is not much earning she has been doing. Mariah is very private in her personal life, making it harder for the media person to know much more about her.

Her father, Israel, has a net worth of $8 Million. He has been able to earn such a lucrative sum through his music career. Along with that, her mother, Meleasa, has a net worth of $4 Million. She also has accumulated all her assets through her music career. 

Before her parents divorced, all of them lived in a house worth $797,000. After the divorce, her father could not pay the mortgage of $608 654, and the place went for sale, having a monthly mortgage of $4,687.

Israel Houghton Husband
Meleasa Houghton Mother