Maximillian Fuse is the son of Olivia Hussey, a famous and gorgeous Hollywood actress, and Akira Fuse, a Japanese musician. Grab Fuse dating, relationship, parents, net worth, physical appearance, and age details.

Maximillian Fuse is a celebrity child. Maximillian Fuse is the son of famous beautiful Hollywood actress Olivia Hussey and Japanese musician Akira Fuse. His mother, Hussey, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Maximillian’s father is a Japanese singer and actor.

Does Olivia Hussey’s Son Maximilian Have A Girlfriend?

Maximillian Fuse has kept his mouth closed when it comes to love matters. On the other hand, it is no secret that he is single. This celebrity child feels awkward in social situations. Son of Akira is currently focused on his career and letting the universe take its time for him to find a match.

Fuse couple
Fuse couple Image: Married Wiki

Unfortunately, because Maximillian is very private about his private affairs, not much of his love life has yet been revealed to the public, in contrast to his parents’ renowned marriage and divorce, which many of Olivia’s admirers are aware of.

Fuse’s parents were married for over a decade before separating in 1989. David’s father married his stepmother, Yukari Morikawa, an actress and singer after his mother remarried for the second time.

Akira Fuse Son Maximilian Fuse: Parents Marriage Details

In 1980, Maximilian’s father, Akira Fuse, and mother, Olivia Hussey, exchanged wedding vows with their friends, relatives, and family. Their wedding reception took place twice, once in Los Angeles and Miami. In 1983, the couple had a son called Maximillian Fuse.

Akira and Olivia
Akira and Olivia Image: FamousFix

They had a pleasant and cheerful life together, sharing each other’s joys and sorrows. Their romance, however, does not last. Sadly, they split up in 1989. Olivia married singer, actor, and musician David Glen Eisley in 1991 following her divorce.

In the year 1993, the couple had a kid named India Eisley. They are spending valuable time together. However, Akira has not revealed his love life on social networking platforms since his divorce from Olivia. He is presently largely absent from the media limelight.

Maximillian Fuse is Private Regarding His Net Worth

Fuse is private when it comes to his lifestyle. He has not disclosed his net worth and salary. Keep checking; we will update soon as he reveals his earnings. Also, know about Eja Lange.

Maximillian with his family
Maximillian with his family Image: Pinterest

However, his father is a famous actor and a singer. He has a net worth of about $1 million. His major source of income comes from his work as an actor and singer. Likewise, his mother, Olivia Hussey, has amassed a sizable fortune due to her job. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

She has amassed a sizable net worth due to her acting career. Maximillian appears to be living a wealthy and happy life thanks to his parents’ money from their work.

Maximillian’s Mother Olivia’s Previous Relationship

Due to her continuing battle with agoraphobia, Hussey took a two-year break from acting after the success of Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet. After the film’s shooting, she and Whiting dated as adolescents and have remained friends ever since, apparently chatting “at least once every ten days.”

Max with his family
Max with his family Image: Twitter

On her twentieth birthday in 1971, she married actor Dean Paul Martin, the son of singer Dean Martin. They married in 1973 and had a son before divorcing in 1978.

The couple names their son Alexander Gunther Martin. Alexander is an actor. Sadly, Dean Paul Martin died in 1987 when his National Guard F-4 Phantom jet aircraft crashed during a blizzard in California’s San Bernardino Mountains.

Maximillian Fuse’s Mother Olivia Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

In 2008, Hussey was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rather than undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, she underwent a double mastectomy to treat the malignancy.

Akira’s wife learned in 2018 that her breast cancer had returned after being in remission for over a decade when a tiny tumor was spotted developing between her heart and lungs.

Olivia Image: Pinterest

Maximillian’s mother chose radiation and chemotherapy to treat the tumor, explaining:

“I had avoided chemotherapy and radiation treatment ten years ago in order to avoid such toxins, but I was forced to use them last year and they saved my life. The tumor decreased to the size of a pea, and I’m doing OK today. I’m in good health and pleased.”

Age, Wiki, And Physical Appearance Of Maximillian

Maximillian Fuse was born in 1983. However, his exact birth date is not available. Also, he has a fantastic personality and a nice and healthy body. He is a tall man, standing at 5 feet 7 inches.

Similarly, his entire body weight is roughly 60 kg. Aside from that, Maximillian has a set of black eyes and short black hair.

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