Meet Minoo Rahbar, a real-life superhero for furry friends everywhere! Married to the famous TV host Jackson Galaxy, she’s not just a cat mom – she’s a passionate advocate for animal safety and rescue.

You might recognize her husband from the show “My Cat from Hell,” but Minoo is the unsung hero working alongside him. Together, they’re a dynamic duo fighting for our feline companions.

Move over Hollywood power couples; Minoo and Jackson are the real match made in heaven, proving that love and a shared mission can change the world for our beloved pets.

Minoo Rahbar Wiki/Bio: Age, Ethnicity, Early Life

Minoo Rahbar was born in the late 1960s, and her birthday bash happens on August 8. She’s got the American vibes, but where exactly she popped into the world is still a big old mystery.

Photo of Minoo Rahbar when she was young.
Photo of Minoo Rahbar when she was young. Source: Pinterest

When it comes to her family, it’s like detective work gone wild – we’ve got nada on her parents, siblings, cousins, or anyone else in the Rahbar crew. It’s a real mystery novel, you know?

What we do know is Minoo faced some tough times growing up. When she was just 10, her family made a big move from a war-torn country to the good old USA. But, like, the deets on that journey are still hush-hush.

Now, on the school front, Minoo kicked it off at the US Grant School in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. Then, she took her brainy self to the University of California, Berkeley, where she snagged a degree in anthropology.

So, even though her family and early years are like a secret code, Minoo Rahbar’s schooling journey is like an open book!

Minoo Rahbar and The Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy’s Married Life

Love found its way into Minoo Rahbar’s life in a sweet and intimate ceremony with her spouse, the Cat Daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy. Tying the knot on June 29, 2014, their love story unfolded at the Best Friends Animal Society’s no-kill pet sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

Jackson Galaxy and his wife Minoo Rahbar on their wedding with their dog.
Jackson Galaxy and his wife Minoo Rahbar on their wedding with their dog. Source: Pinterest

In this adorable union, their dog Mooshka took on the prestigious role of the ring bearer. Is Jackson Galaxy still married? Yes, Minoo and Jackson have celebrated over a decade years of marriage. Their journey is captured in heartwarming moments shared on Instagram.

The couple doesn’t have human children. However, their family is a lively mix of five indoor cats, four feral cats, three dogs, and two turtles. It’s a full house of love, laughter, and, of course, plenty of feline charm.

How Did Minoo and Jackson First Met?

Back in the early 2000s, Minoo and Jackson’s love story kicked off at this super cool fundraiser for saving kittens. Both were crazy about animals, and sparks flew instantly. They grabbed coffee and bam, they were officially a thing.

Here’s the juicy twist: Minoo was all about that vegan life for decades. After they got hitched, guess what? Jackson hopped on the vegan train too.

Now, they’re not just lovebirds; they’re running a company together and rocking the married life. Their love for animals isn’t just a thing they share – it’s the glue that holds them together.

And hey, another animal rights champion, Tracey McShane, is rocking her happily-ever-after too. It’s a wild ride of love and fur babies in the world of animal advocates!

Husband, Jackson Galaxy

Known far and wide as ‘The Cat Daddy,’ Jackson Galaxy isn’t your average guy – he’s a cat behaviorist, TV personality, and all-around feline whisperer. You’ve probably caught him in action as the host of the famous show ‘My Cat from Hell.’

But Jackson’s cat kingdom doesn’t stop there; he’s a former cat consultant and has lent his expertise to various animal shelters.

Jackson’s love for cats doesn’t just play out on TV; since 2013, he’s been on a web series called ‘Cat Mojo’ on the Animalist Network. This cool cat has even penned two New York Times best-selling books.

And if that’s not enough, Jackson’s got a few more books up his sleeve, making him the ultimate go-to guy for all things feline. With his cat charisma and wisdom, Jackson Galaxy is the real deal when it comes to understanding our four-legged friends.

How did Jackson Galaxy learn about cats?

Jackson Galaxy, the Cat Daddy with a Rockin’ Past! Born Richard Kirschner in 1966, he swapped his name legally in his 20s. Before cat fame, he dreamed of music stardom. Life got rocky with addiction, but in Boulder, Colorado, volunteering in animal shelters changed everything.

Witnessing a woman dump an injured cat, Benny, lit a spark in Jackson. He took Benny under his wing, beat his addiction, and transformed into ‘The Cat Daddy.’ From name changes to rock dreams and a wild ride of redemption, Jackson’s story is all about second chances and a whole lot of kitty love!

Net Worth: How Ric Is Minoo Rahbar?

Minoo Rahbar keeps her earnings a bit of a mystery. It’s estimated that animal rescuers like her rake in around $28,316 on average. On the other hand, her feline expert husband, Jackson, is sitting on a net worth of $1 million. Also know the net worth of another celebrity partner Marilisa Maronesse.

These two aren’t just sitting pretty; they own a cat consulting firm together, adding more zeros to their joint net worth. Jackson isn’t just a TV personality; he’s a savvy entrepreneur, earning from his show, books, and other ventures.

He’s also flexing his philanthropic muscles as a board member for Stray Cat Alliance, Fix Nation, and Neighborhood Cats.

Minoo Is an Animal Advocate

Minoo Rahbar, a dedicated animal advocate, received the 2011 Kitchen Rescue Advocacy Award for her long-standing commitment to sheltering and rescuing animals. The award ceremony took place at the House of Blues in West Hollywood.

This recognition highlights her significant contributions to animal welfare. In the same league of animal activism, Minoo shares the stage with Carole Baskin, the CEO of Big Cat Rescue.

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