Pauline Pope, aka Pope, Sovereign pontiff, supreme pontiff, or Roman pontiff, is the bishop of Rome and chief of the global Roman Catholic Church.

Further, he has been a leader of the state of Vatican City since 2013. Moreover, he is the first pope to associate with the Jesuits. We have added more details regarding the Pope in this article. Scroll down for further information.

Pauline Pope Early Years

Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born on 17 December 1936, in Flores, Buenos Aires city, Argentina. Likewise, he was the first child among the five of Regina Maria Sivori and Mario Jose Bergoglio.

Moreover, Mario was born in Portacomaro, Italy, in 1908; he was an Italian Argentine accountant. You may also read about other famous personalities such as Sunday Rose Kidman Urban and Isabella Sermon.

Similarly, Regina was born in 1911 in Buenos Aires to a family from Northern Italy, and she is a housewife. Mario’s family flew to other countries from Italy in 1929 to avoid the fascist rule of dictator Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini.

As confirmed by Maria Elena Bergoglio, the Pope only remained siblings, and they couldn’t migrate for economic reasons.

Pauline Pope at his young age
Pauline Pope, at his young age.
Source: Instargam

Further, his other traditional siblings, Alberto Horacio and Marta Regina died in an unfortunate way. To ease up, Alberto died in 2010, and Marta was killed in 2007.

On the other hand, his two nephews, Joseph and Antonio deceased in a traffic accident. Furthermore, Pope’s niece, Cristina Bergoglio, is an Argentine artist, writer, and architect based in Madrid, Spain.

Bergoglio joined Wilfrid Baron de Los Santos Angeles school of the Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires Province, in the sixth grade.

Later, he attended Escuela Tecnica Industrial N 27 Hipolito Yrigoyen school and completed a diploma in the chemical technician. After graduation, he worked in the food section of Hickethier-Bachmann Laboratory.

How Rich Is Pauline Pope?

Talking about the Pope’s fortunes, as we know, our world is a religious center of a large percentage of the population.

Among the religions, the Vatican Catholics are one of the wealthiest existence in the world. Seemingly, we know that the Pope is the head of the Catholic churches and controls all the financial stuff of the churches worldwide.

As we go to the history of the Raman Catholic churches, they have faced several moral and financial scandals. However, as time passed, the world started to modernize, and the people became curious about the fortunes of the priests, bishops and cardinals who organized, church-including the Pope himself.

Pope with bishops inside the Roman Catholic Church
Pope with bishops inside the Roman Catholic Church
Source: Instagram

According to our research, we have found that each Pope has his riches unrelated to the church’s safes. So, how rich is the Pope? Regarding the sources and estimation, Pauline Pope has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

He generally had monthly payments from the Vatican churches supplied throughout his tenure when discussing his earnings and incomes.

Moving to the salary of the Pope, as some bishops say, the Pope has his monthly allowance, and the Vatican coffers cover his all expenses.

However, according to the Vatican, Pope does not have a salary. He takes a vow to live a simple life and poverty. Although, the Vatican gives a monthly salary of roughly $4,700 to $5,900 to the Cardinals.

Pauline Pope Has A Role In International Diplomatic

On December 17, 2014, Pope played a central role in the conversation regarding restoring the Cuba thaw and full diplomatic relations between U.S. and Cuba.

Furthermore, U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro announced the restoration in acceptance. The news became the headline in the Los Angeles Times on December 19.

In March 2014, President Obama requested Pope to visit the Government of Canada for the agreement. Meantime, he succeeds in negotiating because “as a religious leader with the confidence of both sides, he convinced the Obama and Castro administrations for the fair deal.

Consequently, he has been credited for his good and honest convincing skills.

Pauline Pope discussing with a U.S. president, Brack Obama
Pauline Pope discussing with a U.S. president, Brack Obama
Source; Instagram

In May 2014, Pauline Pope visited Israel and delivered 12 speeches to the huge public, which became a follower’s hope.

Meanwhile, the people of Israel protested after his visit, and the protest resulted in an alleged pyromania attempt at the Abbey of the Dormition. The Church of the Nativity or Basilica of the Navity burned half.

Likewise, In May 2015, Pauline Pope welcomed Palestinian president Abu Mazen to the Vatican city. In the conversation, Pauline said, “The angel of peace slays the evil spirit of war. I thought about you: may you be an angel of peace.”

After that, the Vatican signed a treaty with Palestine. In the same vein, Pope urged peace in the religiously diverse city.

Pauline Pope Flims

Two documentary films about Pauline Pope in 2015: Call Me Francesco and Francis: Pray for me. Chiametemi Francesco (Call Me Francis) is an Italian biopic movie about Pope Francis directed by the Italian director Daniele Luchetti.

Moreover, Martin Salinas and Daniele Luchetti were the screenplays for the film.

Furthermore, Pietro Valsecchi produced it and the movie stars Rodrigo de la Serna, Sergio Hernandez, Mercedes Moran, and Muriel Santa Ana.

Likewise, the movie was distributed by Medusa Flim and released on December 1, 2015, in Paul VI Audience Hall. The film shows the story of the Pope’s early ages ato his experiences under the dictatorship.

Pope Biographical movie  Call Me Francesco
Pope Biographical movie Call Me Francesco
Source: IMDb

Moving to the other movie, Francis: Pray for Me is an Argentine movie directed by Beda Docampo Feijoo. Moreover, the film’s star Dario Grandinetti played the role of Pope Francis.

To elucidate, the movie relates the story of the 2013 biography book, Pope Francis: Life and Revolution. Elisabetta Pique is the author of the book.

In addition, Disney Media Distribution, Wanda Vision S.A., and Pioneer Flims distributed the movie. The movie was released in Argentina in three different languages, Spanish, Argentinean, and the Philippines, on September 10, 2015. To shed light, the film narrates the life of the Pope in the vision of a Spanish Journalist named Ana.

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