Robert Edmund Burr used to be a dentist. However, he is a private person who has kept his personal life out of the public. There isn’t much information about him.

Moreover, Robert is a regular man and a celebrity father. He rose to fame as the father of an American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster, Bill Burr.

Bill is an extremely brilliant and accomplished individual in the entertainment sector. He has been working in the field for a long time.

Edmund Burr’s son began his career as a comedian in 1992 and has not looked back since. He has performed in several major performances, gigs, TV shows, and films.

Edmund Burr’s Married Life Timeline: Who Is His Wife?

Robert Edmund Burr tied the knot with Linda Wigent. Both couples come from medical backgrounds. Linda works as a nurse, while her husband, Robert, works as a dentist.

The pair has a caring love for one another that does not fade in the face of difficulties such as changes in looks or personality. Their each other’s support has brought them still together.

Wigent and Burr became parents to two children. They welcomed two lovely sons into the world, Bill and Robert Burr Jr. Though Robert Jr. is an actor, he does not have the same level of success as his brother Bill.

Bill Burr, Son of Robert Edmund Burr, poster for the concert in the Garden
Photo Source: Instagram @wilfredburr

Linda and Robert’s relationship promotes feelings of contentment, happiness, and connection. They enjoy each other’s company and would like to spend more time together.

The couple has faith in one another and feels safe in each other’s company. Furthermore, they have faith in one another’s ability to learn and grow together.

Bill’s parents are of German-Irish descent. The family used to live together in Canton, Massachusetts. All of the family members have a tight bond.

Robert’s Son Bill Married Life Status

Linda’s son married an actress, writer, producer, and director, Nia Renee Hill. Nia is well-known for her roles in films such as Lila, Long Distance, and Did You Look For Work This Week?

Burr’s wife appeared in Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet in 2017. She also appears on Bill’s podcasts from time to time, and listeners like hearing the duo communicate.

Robert Edmund Burr and Nia Renee Hill are smiling, looking at the camera
Photo Source: Today

The attractive couple had two children, one son, Lola Burr, and another daughter, the name of whom has yet to be revealed. They have kept a low profile for their children and want them to have privacy.

After dating for several years, Bill and Nia exchanged wedding vows in 2013. He also discusses her in many shows and is not afraid to publicly express his affection for his wife.

Bill Burr’s Father’s Net Worth

Robert Edmund Burr‘s net worth is unknown. However, being a dentist, he must have earned at least $151,490 every year. As a result, he must create something similar.

Robert’s son is a hard-working man and has made a source of income through his different talents. As a stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster, he has made $14 million.

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Bill Burr Son
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