Robert Jansing is a specialized scientist, a chemist working as a research scientist at the Department of Health located in Albany, New York Area.

Besides all the professional work, Robert is famous as the ex-husband of an Emmy Award-winning news correspondent Chris Jansing.

The research scientist is quite secretive, so his early life details are still lacking in the media. It seems like Robert is in his 60’s at the moment.

Although Robert remains silent about his personal information, we have managed to write more and less information about the talented scientist Robert Jansing. 

Ephemeral Relationship With Chris Jansing

Robert’s prominence rises just after he shared his intimate life with Chris Ann Kapostasy (Jansing). The 63-years-old Chris is a television news correspondent who works as a senior national correspondent for MSNBC.

Chris also hosted an MSNBC show Jansing and Company, from 2010 to 2014

Robert Jansing with his ex-wife, Chris Jansing
Robert Jansing with his ex-wife, Chris Jansing
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How and when Chris met Robert is still unclear. But when the two tied the wedding knot in 1982, they were one of the fan favorites couples all over the media.

Kapostsy and Jansing walked down the aisle privately in front of their closed ones only. 

Everything was going fine; they were living blissfully and were sharing a good bond as a perfect love partner. Chris was enjoying her relationship.

She also used her married surname. However, their relationship was short-lived, and they parted their relationship consisting of some irreconcilable differences. Their divorce date is also a mystery for everyone.

After The Tragic Separation 

After the tragic separation from Chris, Robert keeps himself far away from the spotlight. He speaks very little about his intimate life details and seems like he is living a single life at the moment. Robert is busy with his professional work, and so is Chris.

Chris also prefers to keep herself personal after she parted from her relationship with Robert.

However, after the separation, Chris has not changed her surname (Jansing), which indicates that she still likes her divorced husband. 

News correspondent Chris Jansing with the political commentator Chris Matthews.
Image: News correspondent Chris Jansing with the political commentator Chris Matthews. 

More than dating someone, both (Chris & Robert) spend their quality time on their professional work. Both of them are enjoying their work.

Additionally, it seems like both of them are now on good terms and are sharing a good bond as perfect friends. 

Net Worth 

The secret guy Robert has also not revealed his net worth. But we can estimate that the scientist might be enjoying a net worth of around $700 thousand.

As per Payscale, the average remuneration of research scientists in the United States of America is $81,153 per annum. 

On the other hand, Robert’s ex-wife Chris Jansing has a net worth of $4 million in total, which she has accumulated throughout her professional career as a Television news correspondent.

Chris worked in several public TV stations like NBC and MSNBC. 

Before working as a news correspondent, she used to work at a radio station WIPS in New York. She is now serving as a senior national correspondent for the network’s cable division, MSNBC, alongside journalist Brian Williams.

As per the sources, a news correspondent who works on MSNBC makes an annual income between $44 thousand – $126 thousand.

Another journalist Andy Hubbard also enjoys a net worth of $5.2 million. For the information, commentator Frances Townsend is also earning proper recognition in the media. 

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