If you have watched the popular reality TV series South Beach Classics, then you probably know about the show’s host, Ted Vernon, and his ex-wife, Robin Zeil, an actress and model. The former husband and wife earned positive reception from fans and critics.

Ted, a Miami-based car dealer, appeared in the show along with Robin until a series of domestic abuse led to their separation. Robin Ziel was born on April 11, 1968, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Robin attended Torrejon American High School and was rather popular as a cheerleader. She bleached her hair into blonde and officially started modeling at 16.

Robin Vernon Ex-Husband: Ted Vernon

After appearing in South Beach Classics with her former husband, actress Robin first rose to prominence.

Robin, who is 20 years younger than Ted, first had an encounter on their blind date in 1998. They began seeing each other frequently and started a relationship.

The couple married in a Buddhist ceremony in November 2000, a Thai tradition in Pattaya, Thailand. As the bride and groom of the service, they wore traditional Thai dresses and had their wedding portrait painted.

Image: Ted Vernon and Robin

They shared a son named Ted Vernon Jr and initiated an automobile business- Ted Vernon’s Speciality Automobiles, which later changed into South Beach Classics.

After more than fifteen years of blissful married life, they divorced in 2016. They were already separated before the divorce and accused each other of cheating.

Their argument also resulted in the cancellation of their South Beach Classics Show. More to that, Robin didn’t show up in the show’s final season. People Also search for the relationship of actress Chloe Pacey.

Domestic Abuse

Although Ted and his then-wife, Robin, appeared together on the hit show, Robin often says that he made her life a living hell behind the scenes.

Back in October 2015, Vernon brutally attacked Robin leaving her with a black eye and a swollen bloody lip. At the time, she didn’t press charges against him, fearing his wrath and the damage to their livelihood.

Image: Ted Vernon repeatedly physically abused his ex-wife, Robin Zeil.
Source: Photo courtesy of Robin Vernon

In 2017, Robin first broke her silence about Vernon’s lengthy history of domestic violence. She recounted repeatedly being punched in the face by Vernon.

In April 2018, a federal judge sentenced Vernon to three years of probation which he currently remains.

How Much is Robin’s Net Worth?

Robin’s net worth is around $2 million, but she hasn’t revealed the exact figure yet. The celebrity ex-wife assembled the amount from modeling, acting, and car business shows.

Robin has appeared in numerous films and TV shows with her former husband. On several occasions, their classic car sales bring more than $2 million daily. Compared less to Television personality Christien Metoyer..

Self-made Millionaire. (Image Source: Instagram)

Robin is still the co-owner and operator of the partnership business with her ex-husband, who has an astounding net worth of $15 million. Besides acting and the automobile business, Ted is also a writer and producer.

Animal lover Robin has more than 2,786 followers on Instagram, where she mainly posts about her business, vacations, and pets. When not working, Robin spends her leisure time with his son and dogs. 

Robin’s signature trademark is her blond hair and fair skin. She loves to hang out with her best friends and visit new places. Moreover, she also loves to snap photos of nature.

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