Ryan Upchurch is a prominent American comedian, country music rapper, and popular social media influencer also known as Upchurch the Redneck. He has released albums by the names of Cheatham County and Heart of America. Redneck Nation has sponsored his RHEC clothing line.

Turning his comedy fans into fans of music, he brought himself to media attention and earned his name, fame, and money from it. Furthermore, he is also a merchant.

What Is The Relationship Status Of Ryan Upchurch?

The famous rapper Ryan Upchurch is a married man as of 2022. He is currently in a marital relationship with his then-girlfriend, Eileen Smith.

In a private ceremony with their close friends and families, the two tied the knot of husband and wife in September 2020. Before their marriage, they were engaged on 10 July 2020.

Ryan Upchuch With his Wife, Eileen Smith
Ryan Upchurch With his Wife, Eileen Smith
Source: Pinterest

On the same day, Ryan shared a picture with her on his Instagram where he held her hands while she was flaunting her engagement ring. Moreover, he also shared a heartwarming note for his wife after a month of their engagement. The post said,

Simply, thank you for letting me be exactly who I am & not trying to make me something I’m not. You make me feel normal in a world where I don’t feel normal most the time. Thank you for everything you do for me day in and day out. You really are my best friend & im thankful that im about to marry you & be happy for the rest of my life…I love you with all my heart.”

The lovey-dovey partner lives happily without any sign of divorce rumors or controversies regarding their matters.

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Ryan Upchurch, A Proud Dad

Not only a husband and wife, but the duo is also proud parents of a baby girl, Raelynn Ann Rae. Eileen gave birth to Raelynn back on 16 June 2020. However, the news surfaced after four years of her birth. Back on 16 June 2020, she wrote on her Instagram,

“Four years ago today, at 2:02 a.m. I gave birth to the most perfect, beautiful, sassy, tan-skinned, brown-eyed, 6lbs 6oz, 19 inch long baby girl.”

In the same post, Upchurch was holding baby Rae. However, Ryan is not the biological father of Rae, even though it seems like Rae is his baby.

Unfortunately, the natural biological father of Rae is still under the radar as Eileen seems pretty secretive about it.

Ryan With his Daughter, Raelynn
Ryan With his Daughter, Raelynn
Source: Twitter (Ryan Upchurch)

But, the fact that he is not his biological father of Rae does not create any problems whatsoever. Ryan loves her and spends more time with his cute little daughter despite this.

Previous Relationship Of Ryan Upchurch

Before his marriage to Eileen, Ryan was in a relationship with Brianna Vanvleet. Not only that, but the two were also engaged, as he referred to Brianna as his fiance on 27 November 2015, in a Twitter post. Similarly, in 2016, he tweeted,

“Brianna Vanvleet I can’t wait to marry you and have little brown Upchurch babies running around with fake tattoos all over them.”

Picture of Ryan's Twitter Post
Picture of Ryan’s Twitter Post
Source: Twitter (Ryan Upchurch)

Unfortunately, they parted their ways after a year of posting it. Many fans and followers of Ryan are still wondering about the undisclosed reasons for their separation.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Ryan Upchurch?

From a comedian to a rapper, he has garnered many fans and followers and a hefty amount of money for himself. As of 2021, Ryan’s net worth is around $4 Million.

Not to mention, he earns most of his fortune from his rapping career. Ryan has his albums, and he often goes on live performances and shows. As per Vividseats, Upchurch’s live performance tickets cost $92 to $190. In 2016, he released the album Chicken Willie which reached #1 on the US Heatseekers chart.

Ryan also earns by selling his albums and songs. Besides, he has his own YouTube channel, which has 2.31 subscribers with 1,262,159,846 total views, close to a famous social media star, Thomas Petrou. According to SocialBlade, he earns around $79.9K – $1.3M from his YouTube.

Apart from his music career, he was a comedian back in his days. The average income of a comedian is $45,000. Without a doubt, he must have earned around $50,000 per year when he was a comedian.

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