Stephanie Sachiko Parker, aka Sachi Parker, is a prominent American actress. Not to mention, she has worked in lots of movies up until now. The actress has made multiple appearances on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Bad Influence, Alien Nation, Stick, and others. Today, the actress has been successful in influencing people towards television and drama.

What Is The Relationship Status Of Sachi Parker?

The famous actress Sachi Parker is a married woman. She is in a marital relationship with Frank Murray. Well, the duo tied the knot of husband and wife in 1993. In fact, Frank is an investment banker. The couple, after their marriage, settled in Houston, Texas. At that time, her husband Frank was the CEO of Goodman Holdings and Amana Appliances. After spending their married lives for quite a few years, they welcomed an adorable son, Frank Murray Jr., in 1996. Then, again, in 1998, the duo welcomed a baby girl, Arin Murray.

Beautiful actress, Sachi Parker
Beautiful actress, Sachi Parker
Source- Instagram@Sachi-Parker

Unfortunately, the couple’s marriage didn’t last for that long. In 2011, the couple got separated and started living their own lives. Since then, Sachi has been living a single life, and there are rumors regarding her relationship with her children that they do not cooperate.

Net Worth Of Sachi Parker

As an actress, Sachi has earned a hefty amount of money throughout her career. Sachi Parker’s net worth is around $1 million, similar to Sara Walsh‘s. In fact, from their career of acting and movies, she makes around $70,901. She seems she is busy with her own projects also at the moment. However, it’s for sure that the actress has been living luxurious and lavish life because of her single life and decision. We are still reviewing the bank balance and other financial information of Sachi.

More Information About Sachi Parker

Stephanie Sachiko Parker was born on September 1, 1956, in Los Angeles, California. Her age is 64 years as of 2021. In fact, her mother, Shirley MacLaine, was also a renowned actress. Her father, Steve Parker, was a businessman. Additionally, her maternal uncle, Warren Beatty, was also an actor. Sachi doesn’t have a positive reflection on her parent’s attitude and behavior towards her. She has said that her father was verbally abusive. 

Sachi Parker with Christina Crawford
Sachi Parker with Christina Crawford
Source- Facebook@SachiParker

Sachi attended a boarding school in Europe during her teenage. In addition, though she wanted to join a college, she didn’t get her parent’s financial support after 17. Parker worked as a skiing trainer in New Zealand and a waitress in Hawaii.  After spending five years working as an air hostess, she decided to change her career into acting. Then, she stepped into the field of acting and television.

Social Media Presence Of Sachi Parker

Sachi Parker is not that active on social media platforms. However, she has 623 followers on Facebook and less than 100 followers on Instagram. Unlike other celebrities, she loves to live her life and doesn’t love to come to the screen.

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