Sarah Ward has had a wonderful life away from the cameras. She has already established herself as an American producer and entertainment star.

She was born in the state of California in 1977.

Ward’s notoriety skyrocketed after she married Tom Hardy, a well-known actor. When their marriage didn’t go as planned, she fled without telling anybody.

Surprisingly, the divorce of these two famous figures went unnoticed. Her presence is no longer visible in public after that. She has had a secluded existence up until now.

Tom Hardy is a famous actor, producer, writer, and former model from the United Kingdom. The British actor made his cinematic debut in Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down, studying drama at the DCL.

On September 15, 1977, Hardy was born in London’s Hammersmith area. Furthermore, Tom is the single child of his parents, Anne, an artist and painter, and Edward, a novelist and comedian.

Sarah Ward Married Life with Tom Hardy

While Tom doesn’t reveal much about Sarah, he can’t ignore her while discussing her. Tom Hardy, an actor, was her husband.

Because they didn’t talk about their relationship when they were together, the narrative of how their courting began remains unknown.

However, other accounts claim that they didn’t take long to hold their hands indefinitely. The pair married in 1999, only three weeks after meeting for the first time.

Everything looked to be going well between the couple until 2004 when the news of their divorce became public.

Reason Behind the Split of Ward & Hardy

Sarah was the one who initiated the divorce proceedings. The causes for their failed marriage have been the subject of much debate.

Many people believe that Hardy’s substance abuse difficulties drove the relationship apart.

Tom discussed his divorce from his first wife, Sarah, in an interview. He said that she filed for divorce because he couldn’t devote enough attention to their relationship.

After his 2002 film, Star Trek Nemesis flopped miserably. He became embroiled in addiction, which strained their relationship and finally led to divorce.

Tom’s liaison further harmed their relationship with Korean actress Linda Park.

As a result, Sarah decided she couldn’t keep the relationship going any longer and filed for divorce in court. Meanwhile, the inner workings of their divorce settlement remain a mystery.

Did the Beautiful Pair had a Child Together?

Their five-year marriage to Tom Hardy, a well-known actor, did not result in a child. They do not, however, have any parenting responsibilities.

Tom, on the other hand, has children from a previous relationship.

Regardless, Sarah is deserving of the finest of everything. In her prior relationship, she may have missed out on the opportunity to become a mother. But, indeed, she is enjoying the life she desired while avoiding the media.

Ward’s Ex-husband Others Relationship

He began dating Assistant Director and fellow actress Rachael Speed after his divorce from Ward. Hardy and Speed welcomed their son Louis Hardy together before they split in 2009.

Hardy’s search for true love continued after his divorce from his baby mom, Rachael.

He met his girlfriend, Charlotte Riley, in 2009. Riley and her partner dated for a few months before marrying in 2010. In July 2014, Hardy and Riley married in a secret ceremony kept hidden from the public eye.

Charlotte and Tom are the parents of two children, a girl, and a boy. The parents gave their son Forrest Hardy and never publicly mentioned their daughter’s name.

Riley’s favorite movie from 1994, Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks, led them to name their second kid Forrest.

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