Shane Spall is a novelist and actress best known for being the wife of Timothy Spall, an English actor and broadcaster. She comes from a considerable family in the Midlands.

Her mother nicknamed her Number Five, while her father was named after a character performed by Alan Ladd in a Western.

She is the author of two self-portraits, both published by Ebury, describing her travels throughout Britain aboard a flatboat with her upper half Timothy Spall, and his recovery from a life-threatening illness.

Spall was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role (1996).

Career and Net Worth of The Novelist

Shane Spall is an author who has written two novels, The Princess Matilda Comes Home and The Princess Matilda Voyages, in which she discusses her partner’s life-threatening sickness.

Similarly, she has only appeared in three projects as an actor, two of which are documentaries and one of which is a TV series in which she has only performed a guest role.

She worked in a Quaker hotel in Birmingham as a teenager in the 1970s, and on her days off, she would sit outside New Street station and wonder where everyone was going. She now realizes they were generally on their way to work or returning home.

Furthermore, we may state that she did all this to convey her sentiments when her spouse was battling a life-threatening illness. With her writing and acting career, she has a net worth of $1 Million.

Relationship of The Celebrity Wife

In 1981 AD, Timothy Spall and his wife Shane Spall exchanged their wedding rings for the first time. Following that, the pair does not need to look back because they are still together.

Shane Spall’s family is relatively unknown on the internet since her parents have never appeared in any public eye. On the other hand, Shane Spall has always been a strong supporter of her children.

She is the mother of three children, the eldest of them is Pascal, born in 1976 AD. Rafe, her middle kid, is also the most well-known since he is a professional actor who has appeared in several notable films and television programs.

Shane’s youngest kid is Mercedes, who was born in the year 1985 AD.

Shane Spall’s Husband: Timothy Spall

Timothy Spall is a well-known English actor who has appeared in several films.

He was born in February 1957 in Battersea, London, England. Timothy was awarded the Bancroft Gold Medal as his school’s most promising actor.

In the movie The Life Story of Baal, he made his debut (1978). Timothy starred in a few TV programs, including Play for Today and Summer Season.

He owns a Dutch barge, which he and his wife used to cruise throughout the British Isles for the BBC Four television program Timothy Spall: Back at Sea.

His careful preparation for his Oscar-nominated performance as Mr. Turner in the namesake film created the foundation for this venture into painting. This event gave him the motivation and courage to take on a public and challenging challenge.

It takes a lot of effort to put up an exhibition like this. Spall had to pick between art, acting, or the army as a teenager. We have an unexpected opportunity to reconsider a lost opportunity here.

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