Despite how modern the world has become, some parts and some groups of people still live on the verge of their religious beliefs. It seems that the more advanced the world is, the more religious followers have increased enormously. Sherry Shriner is the cult’s leader, ”The Alien reptilian cult”.

Who is Sherry Shriner? Why are there followers of the Shriner? Is her belief in the reptile clown worth following? Follow this article as we highlight all the essential aspects of Sherry Shriner.

Who is Sherry Shriner? Age and education

Sherry Shriner is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. Further, she was born on December 11, 1965. So, she is an American citizen and was held under the star sign Sagittarius. What’s more, Shriner was taken to a god fairing family where none of the days goes without god being apart.

Shriner used to go to Sunday school each week. Besides, the name of her parents and siblings are secret. She went to Liberty Baptist school in Lynchburg, Virginia for her studies.

Sherry being interviewed
Sherry Shriner is being interviewed. Image Credit: aliennationcorporation

She studied to become a radio broadcaster, and while she enrolled in the University, she had her show within the school. Accordingly, she also became the director of the show.

Later on, she graduated with three different degrees in journalism, political science, and criminal justice in 1991 from Kent State University. During her college time, she joined a newspaper company and mostly wrote articles on political news.

Sherry desire to work at CNN

Because of her desire to be a broadcaster, she soon applied for a job at CNN after graduating from the University. She always wanted to be on the front line and used it at the media house. You may like: Lauren Grimson

However, she did not get the job. Afterward, she moves back to her hometown Ohio.

She is a married woman.

As her wish to become a broadcaster couldn’t continue after getting rejected from CNN, she returned to Ohio. Soon after, she decides to settle down and gets married. Although her husband’s details are not available, she became a homemaker and looked after her four children.

Likewise, her children’s details are also unavailable. Then, she again began to see the negative energy which always haunted her when she was small.

Or maybe it’s just a postpartum depression that most women go through after giving birth.

Sherry Shriner with partner
Sherry Shriner with partner src: dailymail.

Being at home all day, she researches all her studies at once, like demons, human warfare, end of times, and refers to herself as Yahweh, which means he brings whatever exists into existence.

She becomes the cult leader

Being isolated at home for several years, Sherry feels haunted by the negative energy left behind after moving to Virginia. Shen then spends all her time researching and developing conspiracies, and she creates fifteen different websites.

She wrote numerous books, Facebook pages, podcasts, and Youtube channels. Her visions and teachings came from Yahweh that what she referred to.

She said Yahweh used her as a medium and prophet to reach out to the people unfolding future events that were about to happen.

Sherry Shriner
Sherry Shriner is going to jail. Image Credit: mercury news

She even sold an Orgone to her followers, which claims to be protecting them from the reptilian clowns. It’s a small pyramid-shaped crystal object with purple and blue glitters shining.

For it to be working, you need to be put in the water and soak for a time, cutting all the negativity surrounding you.

Looking at the comment section, you get to know how desperately people believed her and how seriously they believed it. On the same note, her Youtube channel has a massive 29.3k subscribers.

Is Sherry dead?

Yes, the cult leader is dead. She died last year on January 18. Shriner’s lifeless body was found in Fairfield. But the reason behind her death is unavailable.

It might be a natural death because no one is subjected to her death. Thus, it has been a year since she left this world.

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