Susan Fallender is known for her roles in movies like “Trading Places” (1983) and TV shows such as “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1987) and “Space Rangers” (1993). However, she is popular for her marriage to British actor Charles Shaughnessy, where she’s recognized as his wife and mother to their two children.

Beyond her on-screen performances, Fallender navigates the glitz of Hollywood alongside the joys of family life. Her journey mirrors the balancing act of a thriving career and the responsibilities of a loving family.

In the entertainment world’s dazzling lights, Fallender not only shines for her acting talent but also for her role as a devoted spouse and committed parent.

Who Is Charles Shaughnessy’s Wife? Her Age, Wiki, Early Life

Susan Fallender, born on November 30, 1957, is 67 years old and a Sagittarius. She’s American, with Caucasian ethnicity. Likewise, Susan grew up in a Jewish family.

Susan Fallender and Charles Shaughnessy when they were young.
Susan Fallender and Charles Shaughnessy when they were young. Source: Instagram/@fallender83

Her family and parents’ details are mostly private, but she has mentioned having a sister named Deborah Fallender. Her sister is also an actress. Further, details about her education and college background are not available.

On the other hand, Susan’s husband, Charles, born on February 9, 1955, is the son of Alfred Shaughnessy and Jean Lodge.

Marriage Details of Charles Shaughnessy and Susan Fallender

Susan Fallender and Charles Shaughnessy’s love story began at a London drama school. Despite the geographical distance that separated them—Susan in California and Charles in London—their connection blossomed swiftly.

Susan Fallender and Charles Shaughnessy on their wedding ceremony.
Susan Fallender and Charles Shaughnessy at their wedding ceremony. Source: Instagram/@fallender83

A heartfelt proposal conveyed over a transatlantic phone call marked the start of their journey. On the 21st of May in 1983, against the backdrop of London, they sealed their commitment in matrimony.

Their enduring relationship, spanning four decades, stands as a beacon of enduring love, a rarity in an era where celebrity unions often face turbulence. In a world where relationships are often fleeting, Susan and Charles’s story stands as a testament to enduring love, illustrating the resilience of their union over the years.

She Is the Mother Of Two Daughters

After seven years of shared moments, Susan and Charles embraced the joy of parenthood with the arrival of their first child, Jenny Johanna Shaughnessy, born in March 1990.

Their family expanded further five years later when Maddy Shaughnessy entered their lives in 1995. Through these milestones, their love story continued to flourish, marked by the cherished moments and bonds forged in the journey of raising their children.

About Her Husband Charles Shaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy is known for his portrayal of Maxwell Sheffield in the widely adored sitcom “The Nanny.” Shaughnessy’s career spans a breadth of remarkable performances in both movies and TV shows.

Hailing from a family deeply entrenched in the entertainment world, Charles had a privileged upbringing. His father, Alfred Shaughnessy, achieved prominence as a renowned writer, notably for the acclaimed series “Upstairs, Downstairs.” Meanwhile, his mother, Jean Lodge, contributed to the industry as an actress.

Charles Shaughnessy with his longtime wife Susan Fallender.
Charles Shaughnessy with his longtime wife Susan Fallender. Source: Instagram/@fallender83

Charles started his TV journey in 1983 with BBC 1’s ‘Jury’ and ‘Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime.’ He jetted to the US the same year, hitting the stage in ‘A Patriot for Me’ and later rocked ‘General Hospital’ in 1984.

But his big break came as Maxwell Sheffield in ‘The Nanny’ (1993-1999), making him a household name. He didn’t stop there, popping up in ‘Days of Our Lives,’ and shining in shows like ‘Till We Meet Again,’ ‘Mad About You,’ ‘Murphy Brown,’ ‘Duckman,’ ‘A Kiss So Deadly,’ ‘Everything to Gain,’ and ‘Second Chances.’ His TV journey showcased his skills and made him a TV favorite!

Susan Fallender Acting Career: Movies and TV Shows

Susan Fallender’s career as an actress saw pivotal moments that defined her journey. Her debut film was in the “Trading Place” Notably, she appeared in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” an iconic American science fiction series.

In 1993, Fallender took on the role of Alien Tech in the American future fiction drama “Space Rangers.” Her diverse portfolio expanded further with her portrayal of Alice in the 1999 film “Architecture of Reassurance.”

Transitioning to television, Fallender assumed the character of Rose in the series “The Last Dance” in 2000. However, besides these films and shows she has not made any further appearances.

Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Susan Fallender’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, similar to Yessica Kumala. She primarily amassed from her acting career spanning since the 1980s. “Trading Places” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” were successful ventures contributing to her career.

As for Charles Shaughnessy, Susan’s husband, his net worth is $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Their combined earnings were suggested to be around $4 million, showcasing their success in the entertainment industry.

Susan’s Sister, Deborah Fallender

Deborah Fallender, born on May 18, 1955, is Susan Fallender’s older sister. Like her younger sister, Deborah is into acting. She was born in England but later moved to the United States with Susan and their family.

Deborah has been part of various movies and TV shows, taking on different roles from behind-the-scenes work to supporting characters. Her notable films include “Runaway” and “Pet Sematary.” Her journey in the entertainment industry has showcased her versatility in different roles on-screen.

Social Media Presence

Susan is active on Instagram with the handle @fallender83 like David Lemanowicz. However, Fallender stays away from other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, her husband is active on Instagram with the handle name @charlesshaughnessy. He has over 68k followers.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Susan Fallender’s physical attributes contribute to her elegant presence as an actress. Standing at 170cm (5-ft-6-inch), she carries herself with grace. She weighs over 143 lbs (65 kg).

Similarly, Susan’s charming brown eyes and brown hair likely complement her on-screen persona, adding to her allure and on-camera appeal.

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