The reality star Tiffney Cambridge is best known as the ex-fiance of the prominent rapper Jayceon Terrell Taylor aka “The Game.”

The ex-duo starred together in the VH1 reality show, Marrying the game and separated by the end of the series. Besides, she is recognized as the author of The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile.

Tiffney’s Tragic Relationship With The Game

Tiffney was previously engaged to Rapper Jayceon Taylor, a.k.a The Game. The author met her ex-fiance in 2004, five years younger than Cambridge, and shortly got been involved with him.

Moreover, they featured together in the VH1 reality show Marrying the game in 2012, which documented their relationship. 

Tiffney Cambridge with Jayceon Taylor aka The Game
Tiffney Cambridge with Jayceon Taylor, aka The Game
Source: Instagram

In season 1, they were preparing to walk down the aisle after dating for eight years but called off their marriage in the second season (2014).

Their separation also led to the end of their show. The former couple also shared two children; a son, Justice Taylor (2007), and a daughter, Cali Taylor (2011), on 22 August 2010.

After her tragic break-up with Jayceon, Tiffney is possibly single and currently raising her two beautiful children.

Controversial Break-Up With Her Ex-Fiance

Although Jayceon was known as a bad guy in public, Tiffney Cambridge never believed in that and moved forward with her relationship with him.

But her trust in the rapper got falsified when she had a terrific fight with him on 19 March 2014. The author got beaten until Jayceon bled her.

Later, she took the court’s help, and the rapper was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from her.

 Tiffney Cambridge arguing with 'The Game.'
  Tiffney Cambridge is arguing with ‘The Game.’
Source: Instagram

Afterward, in their controversial dispute, Tiffney, in an interview, said that she has no plan to reunite with Jayceon in the future as well and will do whatever it takes to give her children a good life.

Further, she also won custody of the kids.

Tiffany with her two kids
Tiffany with her two kids
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Despite being separated, the rapper often visits his children and recently attended his son’s birthday, which Tiffney uploaded on her Instagram and the caption, “Family.”

Although Jayceon failed to be a good partner, he shares good relations with his kids and often hangs out.

Tiffney Cambridge, Net Worth

The beautiful Tiffney’s net worth is $1 million, which she accumulated from her career as an author and a reality star. She recently opened a clothing line, which also helps to add more sum to her net worth.

Usually, the TV personality makes $30 thousand to $60 thousand per annum and earns $55 thousand to $100 thousand per year as an author. Read More: Christina Vidal

On the other hand, her ex-partner, The Game, has a total net worth of $22 million. Before splitting with the rapper, the 44 years old author lived with him in his Glendale house, which is $1.63 million, which he previously purchased for $1.9 million

Life Before fame

Tiffney was born on 27 July 1975 in the United States and raised alongside her sister Maya Mellon. She was too young when her parents divorced, and her mother died. So she was raised by her two aunts, Nitam and Divas.

Tiffany pursued her Master’s degree from South Carolina in multicultural education. Then she taught at an elementary school named Inglewood Unified School for 17 years. Also Read: Bobbi Baker

Career Achievements of Tiffney Cambridge

Cambridge rose to fame after starring in the VH1 reality show, Marrying the Game (2012-2014). Apart from that, she is also known for her active breast cancer prevention and advocacy participation. 

Tiffney's book which gave recognition to her as a writer.
Tiffney’s book gave recognition to her as a writer.
Source: BCK Online

In 2015, Tiffney launched her first book, The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile, based on the consequences faced by children after their parents’ divorce.

The book was commercially and critically successful, inspiring her to continue writing.

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